Accounting Applications for Small Businesses

The QuickBooks accounting application helps businesses keep balanced books and produce accurate reports

  • Manage financial data from one central location
  • Save time while keeping accurate and balanced books
  • Access financial reports anytime and from anywhere to make smart
    business decisions
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Accounting application software

QuickBooks from Intuit is the #1 rated and best-selling small business financial software1. It is an easy-to-use software application for accounting that enables businesses to manage their financial data from one central location. The QuickBooks accounting application keeps accurate records in accordance with FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) to ensure that businesses have balanced books and accurate reports. Easily organize and track your financial information such as income, expenses, profit and loss, sales, cash flow, and more. Try the QuickBooks accounting application software for free.

QuickBooks accounting application software saves time and improves accuracy

Accounting applications are more efficient and more accurate than completing accounting tasks manually. QuickBooks accounting application software is designed to automate many basic bookkeeping and accounting tasks to save time and reduce data-entry errors. For example, when an order is entered, QuickBooks automatically updates the stock and customer records and transforms the order into an invoice. This time-consuming bookkeeping process is performed automatically for you, saving time and reducing errors.

QuickBooks uses simple screens for entering data, making basic data-entry easy. There are different screens for different transaction types so that it's easy to enter all relevant and necessary information for each transaction. This information is critical for creating accurate and useful financial reports later.

Accounting applications often contain safeguards and alerts to reduce the number of potential errors. If a transaction is entered incorrectly, QuickBooks will instantly notify you so that you can take action. You can also sync QuickBooks directly with your bank accounts so that transactions are automatically entered and organized for you, further reducing potential data-entry errors.

Save time and make fewer mistakes by using software applications for accounting. Give QuickBooks a try for free.

It's easy to create detailed reports that help you make better business decisions

Accounting applications quickly produce the reports and financial statements that business owners need to make smart business decisions. QuickBooks puts your company's accounting data at your fingertips by providing more than 100 different reports and financial statements. In just a few clicks you can create profit and loss reports, accounts payable and receivable reports, cash flow reports, and more.

QuickBooks accounting application software saves you time by automating the reporting process. It's easy to make QuickBooks "memorize" a report, which saves the report settings for next time. After a report is memorized, you can run that exact report again in seconds. QuickBooks can also process multiple reports at once and display them in their own windows or automatically send them to the printer.

When new data is entered, QuickBooks will automatically update the reports that are based on that data and alert you. It's never been easier to view outstanding invoices, payments to vendors, revenue reports, profit and loss reports, and more. You can also easily compare your current results to last year to see if your business is growing. QuickBooks makes it easy to obtain the useful information and reports that business owners rely on for making financial decisions. Try the QuickBooks accounting application today.

1 Based on NPD Retail Tracking Service for retail sales from May 2011-May 2012