Future Glory owner Theresa Lee integrates QuickBooks with Shopify and PayPal so she can focus on design, not numbers.

Even as a kid, Theresa knew she was going to run her own design-based business someday. She had a talent for drawing and she loved making whatever struck her fancy, from art to clothing.
“Whenever I see something I like in a store, I think, ‘I can make that.’ And half the time, I try,” she said.

So after years of working for other companies, Theresa and a partner launched Future Glory a business that designs, makes and sells handcrafted leather bags and accessories. The online retail and wholesale business also has a social mission: they donate a portion of revenue to organizations that assist marginalized women, while employing many to create bespoke bags.

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After a few years in business, Theresa bought out her partner. While talented in art and design, dealing with numbers wasn’t Theresa’s strong suit. Upon numerous recommendations, she turned to QuickBooks for help to manage the accounting aspects of Future Glory. Since Shopify is her ecommerce platform and PayPal is the payment system, Theresa quickly connected the Shopify and PayPal apps to her QuickBooks account.

Theresa uses the Sync with PayPal app to seamlessly import sales (including line items, fees and taxes), as well as customer information into QuickBooks. And, by using the Shopify for QuickBooks Online app, all her Shopify ecommerce data is automatically synced to QuickBooks giving her back time to focus on creating amazing accessories.

By using apps, Theresa manages all the day-to-day bookkeeping herself, spending less than 20 minutes a day on tasks such as invoicing and tracking vendor payments. She also works with an accountant once a month to make sure her paperwork is accurate.

Now, Theresa has more time to focus on dreaming up new bag designs and making the bags in her light-filled studio. Instead of piles of invoices, sales receipts and other paperwork scattered in her office, the only visible sign of the accounting side of Future Glory was the laptop computer lying on her sofa.

“QuickBooks Online has an ecosystem of apps and allows me to integrate all my different accounts — PayPal, Shopify, in one place. It helps me run my finances seamlessly,” she said. “Using QuickBooks gives me peace of mind.”