How to create management reports


The QuickBooks Online management reports feature lets you easily customize a professional-looking package of reports, complete with cover page, table of contents, preliminary pages, reports, end notes, and other custom content. Management reports are perfect for sharing a financial summary of your company with business partners.

Get started with management reports

QuickBooks Online management reports

The easiest way to get started is to take a look at one of the existing templates.

  1. Select 01 Reports > 02 Management Reports.
  2. You’ll see a few templates that are ready to use. Pick one and choose a 03 time period.
  3. To preview a template, click 04 View.
  4. To edit, send, export, copy, or delete1 a template, click 05 ▼ to the right of View.

Customize a management report template

You can customize management reports to include the following:

  • Cover page
  • Custom pages for free-form content (like an executive summary or financial notes)
  • A variety of reports and reporting periods
  • Header and footer

Here’s how to customize a management report template:

  1. On the Management Reports page, choose one of the existing templates and select 05 Edit2.
  2. Click an item in the left navbar to edit it.
  3. For the Cover page, you can:
    • Change the 06 cover page style and logo
    • Specify a title, subtitle, and a few other fields

    QuickBooks Online management reports cover page

  4. For the Table of contents, you can:
    • Choose whether or not to include a table of contents
    • Change its title (like Contents, What’s inside, Index, etc.)

    QuickBooks Online management reports table of contents

  5. For one or more Preliminary pages3, you can:
    • Choose whether or not to include the page
    • Enter a unique title (affects table of contents)
    • Type custom content or paste it in from another source (like Microsoft Word)

    QuickBooks Online management reports preliminary pages

  6. For Reports4, you can:
    • Add or delete QuickBooks reports (including custom reports5)
    • Change the title of a report (affects table of contents)
    • Change the reporting period for a report
    • If applicable, add previous year/period comparison columns to the report

    QuickBooks Online management reports profit and loss

  7. For the End notes, you can:
    • Choose whether or not to include end notes
    • Change its title (affects table of contents)
    • Include a breakdown of sub-accounts
    • Type custom content or paste it from another location (like Microsoft Word)

    QuickBooks Online management reports end notes

  8. To customize the header, footer, and fields, click 07 Advanced at the bottom of the page.
    • Fields: these are placeholders that are replaced with actual data when the report is created. For example, if you set {CompanyName} to “Olive,” then anywhere you type {CompanyName}, it will be replaced by “Olive” in the generated report. It’s an easy way to add the same text in multiple places.
    • Header/Footer: text you enter here appears on every page of the management report except the cover page and the table of contents. You can also add fields here.
  9. To preview the management report, click 08 Print or Preview at the bottom of the page.
  10. Click in the 09 lower right corner to save, export, or send:
    • Save: save the existing template and continue customizing.
    • Save As: save changes to a new template.
    • Export as DOCX: export the management report in Word format.
    • Export as PDF: export the management report as a PDF.
    • Send: email the management report as an attachment. You can edit the email subject, body, and filename before sending.
    • Save and close: save the existing template for future use.


  1. You can only delete templates you create yourself (not the pre-made ones).
  2. If you’re new to management reports, we suggest clicking 05 Copy in the Action column to make a copy of a pre-made template, and then editing the copy.
  3. Each preliminary page can actually span multiple pages.
  4. Note that changes you make here affect reports inside management reports, and not standalone reports.
  5. Here’s how to memorize a custom report.
  6. Read more about QuickBooks management reports in our help repository.
  7. Want to try these updates using sample data? Check out the QuickBooks test drive.

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