10 handy QuickBooks home page tips


QuickBooks Online home page tips

You probably have the basics down already, but did you know you can click these 10 things on the QuickBooks home page to be more productive?

01 QuickBooks logo
Why it’s useful: one click takes you back to the home page, no matter where you are.

02 Welcome Guide
Why it’s useful: get step-by-step instructions on basic QuickBooks Online tasks.

03 ‘X’ to the right of the Welcome Guide
Why it’s useful: once you’re done getting started, delete this section and regain some screen space!

04 Your company logo or name
Why it’s useful: quick access to change your company logo or name.

05 Private mode switch
Why it’s useful: hide sensitive financial data from prying eyes (aka “Starbucks mode”).

06 Any bank or credit card account
Why it’s useful: see a list of all recent transactions for that account.

07 Any bar in the Income section
Why it’s useful: see a filtered list of open, overdue, or paid transactions.

08 Activity feed filter
Why it’s useful: show only invoices, estimates, payments, or expenses.

09 Date range picker in the Expenses or Profit and Loss section
Why it’s useful: choose a date range that’s more meaningful for your company.

10 Any pie slice in the Expenses section or bar chart in the Profit and Loss section1
Why it’s useful: see a transaction report just for that expense category.


  1. I know I know, the Expenses pie chart is more of a doughnut. This is a real pie chart.
  2. Thanks to Joe and Real World Training for contributing to this article.
  3. Want to try these updates using sample data? Check out the QuickBooks test drive.
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