QuickBooks Online for Dummies book


QuickBooks Online for Dummies

QuickBooks Online for Dummies, published in 2015, covers QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). Here’s the table of contents.

  • Chapter 1: Introducing QBO and QBOA
  • Chapter 2: Embracing the QBO/QBOA Format
  • Chapter 3: Creating a Client Company in QBO
  • Chapter 4: Managing List Information
  • Chapter 5: Dealing with the Outflow of Money (checks, expenses, purchase orders, bills)
  • Chapter 6: Managing the Inflow of Money (invoices, customer payments, estimates, sales receipts, billable time entries)
  • Chapter 7: Working in Registers
  • Chapter 8: Handling Bank and Credit Card Transactions (bank feed)
  • Chapter 9: Paying Employees (payroll, payroll taxes)
  • Chapter 10: How’s the Business Doing? (reports)
  • Chapter 11: Setting Up Shop in QBOA
  • Chapter 12: Adding Companies to the QBOA Client List
  • Chapter 13: Exploring a Client’s Company from QBOA
  • Chapter 14: Working in a Client’s Company
  • Chapter 15: Using Accountant Tools
  • Chapter 16: Almost Ten Things about the Chrome Browser Interface
  • Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Use Chrome Effectively
  • Cheat Sheet

If you’re a small business owner, manager, accountant, or bookkeeper looking for a fast, affordable, convenient way to manage your company’s finances, QuickBooks Online For Dummies has everything you need to get up and running fast. It was also technically edited by a member of Intuit’s customer care group!

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P.S. Here’s the QuickBooks Online For Dummies Extras page, to get an idea of the content.