QuickBooks and Western’s Smokehouse: A Combination That’s Meating Expectations


I always enjoy talking to small business owners from around the world that use Intuit® products. It just so happens a former colleague of mine helps run a family business that uses QuickBooks® as their accounting solution. And, did I mention they sell jerky and snack sticks?

Western’s Smokehouse is a manufacturer of meat snacks and gourmet sausages. They started as a local retail store in Greentop, Mo., where they serve the finest selection of hickory smoked and fresh meat to their customers. The company has since blossomed into creating their own brand of flavors for jerky, sausage and barbecue sauces. And, the awards have accumulated over time from shows all over the world, thanks to the hard work of numerous family members.

“We are a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1978,” said Dan Western, National Sales Manager. “We have three generations of family members currently working in the business, and our motto is Taste the Difference!”

Once word got out, people from all over the U.S. marked Western’s Smokehouse as a destination, and a one-stop shop for their meats. In fact, the retail store has a U.S. map inside that records the locations of its customers.

Soon after they recognized the geographical growth, they created an online catalog of their specialty meats so that customers can now order online. They also do a lot of private label and custom sausage orders.

“We always hope to have enough work to keep our employee base busy,” said Western. “We are committed to our tradition of providing the highest quality products and service to our valued customers.”

And, they do so by faithfully adhering to their mission: Never compromising quality, value and service to our customers!

Western’s Smokehouse, Powered by QuickBooks

In order to keep up with growth, it was clear they needed an accounting solution to handle the back of the office duties.

“Ease of use is so very important, and we like the simplicity of QuickBooks,” said Western. “We actually operate multiple companies that each have their own set of books. It is great to have four separate sets of books at our fingertips, and we love having the feature to have two companies open at once.”

Not only has QuickBooks proved beneficial for the time being, but it’s also still uncovering features and functions that can benefit their business. From dashboarding, to inventory, to accounts payable/receivable, the product has been able to grow with the demands of the business.

“It is important for our business to run a program that can determine how our business is performing,” said Western. “QuickBooks has been an integral part, and we feel there is more to learn within the product, as our company evolves.”

They’re Ready to Giddy-Up for a Great Year!

Western Smokehouse’s short-term goal is to grow their Western’s brand of snack sticks throughout the U.S. By creating additional products for their consumers and maintaining quality, their hopes of future growth are well within reach.

“We are working hard to get distribution and placement of our snack sticks across the nation, and our hope is to have our products in all c-stores, grocery stores or in any store that sells meat snacks,” said Western. “We want the Western’s brand to be a household name someday.”

Just recently, they created a line of sticks called Smart Choice, which meets the guidelines for the K-12 school market, and it’s gotten some great response over the past year. These products are high in protein, low in sugar, carbs and more. In fact, they’ve had great success with the products in California and other states.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.” – Thomas Watson, Sr.

With an emphasis on family and quality, it is clear why customers keep enjoying Western Smokehouse’s products. And, more exciting times are on the horizon.