How to view recent transactions


There are two quick ways to view your most recent QuickBooks transactions — one you may already know, the other is a little more subtle.

View all recent QuickBooks transactions

  • Wherever you see three blue buttons at the top of the page, click the 01 clock icon.
    QuickBooks recent transactions
  • Select a 02 transaction to open it. Don’t see the one you want? — click 03 More.
    QuickBooks recent transactions

View recent transactions of one type

You can view a list of recent QuickBooks transactions for a particular type (like an invoice, bill, etc.).

  • For example, click Create (+) > Invoice to open the invoice form.
  • Click the 04 clock icon in the upper left corner to see a list of recent invoices.
    QuickBooks recent transactions
  • Select an 05 invoice to open it. Don’t see the one you want? — click 06 More.
    QuickBooks recent transactions