What’s Up in Apps: Solving the Receipt Problem for Your Business


No one goes into business to keep track of receipts. Running your own company means keeping your eye on a hundred things at once, and it’s all too easy for scraps of paper to slip through. Before cloud accounting, this was a huge problem, especially at tax time.

However, now that you can have instant visibility over your books in the cloud, capturing bills and receipts could just be the one thing keeping you from a real-time view of your business health. The technology is already there – capturing documents, extracting data from them and publishing it to the cloud is now nearly instant. Here are three ways Receipt Bank is solving that problem:

#1: Instant Submission

With Receipt Bank, you can submit receipts in a variety of ways, including mobile app, email and direct upload, and integrations with Dropbox and PayPal. Regardless of your submission method, our system extracts the key information and seamlessly syncs it with your QuickBooks® Online.

The most efficient method is Receipt Bank’s mobile app for the paper receipts, and email submission for digital receipts. Not only does this stop items from getting lost – you can snap a picture the moment you get a receipt or bill – but it also gives your accountant a stream of up- to-date information that they can use to advise you better. You can even snap up to 50 items at once in the app, without having to leave the camera screen.


For digital invoices, you have a unique email address. Simply forward invoices from suppliers to this address, or even give the address to your suppliers so that they can send it straight into Receipt Bank. Receipt Bank automatically extracts individual items, line by line, from digital invoices. Set up Auto-Publish to automatically send your receipts and invoices over to your QuickBooks Online account, as soon as they are ready.

#2: Submit Anywhere

Receipt Bank provides built-in foreign currency support as standard. That means you can snap a receipt just as quickly at home or abroad. Receipt Bank tracks the day’s exchange rate and converts the total into your base currency.


This is especially useful if you’re trading internationally. Foreign suppliers just forward their invoices by email and Receipt Bank does the rest.

#3: Always Have a Backup Plan

Have you ever worried about what might happen if your business was hit by a natural disaster? With Receipt Bank, all of your bookkeeping documents are securely stored in the Receipt Bank archive. You can just focus on what’s important and plug your business back into the cloud when you’re ready. And, if the IRS comes knocking, you’ll have everything at your fingertips.

It’s time to make your life a little easier. Adopt Receipt Bank and QuickBooks Online, and you’ll be taking a load off your shoulders. Simply take a pic of the receipt or bill, or just forward it from your inbox. We’ll then get to work. Don’t waste your weekends doing your expenses. Do them on the go with Receipt Bank and QuickBooks Online. Get started today with a free 14-day trial.

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