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Welcome to QuickBooks Connect! We are happy you are here and look forward to all of us sharing an enjoyable and rewarding two days together.

Towards that end, we are committed to hosting an event that brings out the best in everyone. We invite you to participate in an open and inclusive dialogue, where diverse opinions are welcome and respect for others is the rule, not the exception. That means we welcome the perspectives of all races, genders, religions, ages, colors, national origins, physical appearances, disabilities, sexual orientations and gender identities.

We believe strongly that creating such an environment is the best way to foster the open flow and exchange of ideas that benefits all. If for any reason, you do not feel comfortable, safe or respected—we want to know.

If you’re a conference participant—whether attendee, speaker, exhibitor or volunteer—and have any concerns, please let us know. Contact us at (650) 302-5258 and we promise we’ll take prompt action. All reports will be kept confidential among our staff, who have been trained to respond to violations of this code of conduct.