Join Us at the Small Biz Vcon Virtual Conference, January 23-24, 2013


Running a small business? The Small Biz Vcon is for you! This Virtual Conference (Vcon) is designed for all SMBs, whether you design websites, are a manufacturer, run a retail store, or provide accounting services. This conference can help you streamline your workflow and bring your business to the technological forefront. Intuit ProAdvisors will be speaking at the event, giving you inside news on managing your company's finances.

Dawn Brolin and Stacy Kildal, both avid users of online solutions, have teamed up to present this Vcon. They realized after speaking to fellow accounting professionals, as well as SMBs about their hesitance to move systems online, that there was a need for a unified message: The future is here now – regardless of what type of business, if it’s not mobile, it will be left behind. Customers will find the competitor that is more responsive and agile because they’ve embraced the web.

For more information check out or download this flyer [PDF] to learn how to get involved.