Eight Free Ways to Self-Promote Your Business


When it comes to cost-efficient ways to promote your business, no one does it better than you!  You know the inner workings of your company and the types of incentives that your employees respond to.  You know your customers and the challenges that they face.  So, what else do you need?  A full-blown marketing team?  No, you need a rock-solid plan of attack.

Here are eight ways to promote your business for (virtually) free.

1) Add a signature to your email - A unique message added to the bottom of your email can provide current and potential customers with valuable information about your website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.  This often neglected area of text can be used to redirect your customers to a certain location or announce upcoming sales and events. Update it regularly.

2) Co-market with another business - Enlist the help of your friends and fellow business owners by implementing a plan that allows you to market their products or services alongside your own.  These entrepreneurs will return the favor by finding a way to get the word out about your business whether it involves linking back to your website via their blog or getting a poster-sized ad on the door where customers can see it.

3) Start a street team - One of the latest fads in low-cost marketing: Get a talented group of guys and gals together and offer them an incentive in return for marketing your business as they go about their days. Include a sign-up form on your website for anyone wanting to join your "street team."

4) Write guest posts for other blogs - Be an expert in the industry and win the respect of thousands of people.  Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base by reaching out to people who may or may not have heard of you and your business.  Always include a link back to your website in the post.

5) Implement a referral program - Customers that are willing to go the extra mile to promote your products and services can be rewarded for their referrals.  Keep incentives coming and mix up the offers to help maintain the enthusiasm day after day.

6) Create a monthly newsletter - Keeping your customers in the know is a great way to win their respect.  Offer a free monthly newsletter to anyone who signs up for your mailing list.

7) Give a free demonstration - It's important for customers to understand how your products or services will benefit them.  A short, well-executed demo gives them the information that they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

8) Swap business card stacks with non-competing businesses - This practice is especially helpful in brick and mortar businesses where people can pick up a business card while waiting for their coffee to be made or their car to be serviced.