In the Trenches: Taking a Baby Break


As a small-business owner, it’s one thing to prepare for a vacation — and a whole different thing to plan for a baby on the way. Due dates are far less certain than vacation dates, especially weeks or months in advance — and that’s what I’m facing this week. My wife could have our second child any day now, and that means my schedule is up in the air.

To be fair, this baby’s birth date is much more set than our first child’s. This time around, my wife is having a C-section, so there is a set delivery date. Unless the baby decides to make an early appearance, Thursday is the day. What we don’t know is what awaits us after that. Could there be medical complications? How long will we all be in the hospital? How much help will my wife need after surgery? As if the future wasn’t uncertain enough, our nanny quit on Saturday, which makes time management even more challenging since we have an 18 month old at home.  My wife and I both work from home, so we need a full time nanny during the work day for us to be able to get any work done.

So, how do I prepare my business for my time away when I have no idea exactly how long it will last? Last time, I asked a concierge who normally only monitors flights to fill in for me for a week to help with bookings, because there was nobody else around.  I got back to work very quickly, because I was the only one who booked flights at the time. This time, because the company has grown, I have someone else doing flight planning full-time and another part-timer joining us soon. The question is, Do we have enough people to get it everything done while I’m out?

With one dedicated employee and another starting soon, my hope is that we do. If not, I will have to find a way to step in and help. My travel architect is in charge and will run the show as he has done when I’ve been out on vacation previously. If he needs help or gets overwhelmed, he knows he can call me. Now if that happens on Thursday, it might be problematic, but I can always find a way to help clear a backlog at night or in the early morning. In other words, I can provide support, as long as it’s not time-sensitive.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and my time away will be only about a week or so. But if I need to be gone longer, I feel confident that things will run just fine with my travel architect on the case. And that’s a huge relief!