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4 Questions to Ask Before Investing More in Your Business


You've heard that old cliché “You have to spend money to make money.” While there's some truth to it, spending money doesn't guarantee you’ll make money from your investment. But that’s exactly how some fledgling entrepreneurs find themselves in over their heads without a viable business model. One poor judgment call can mean the difference [...]

6 Up-and-Coming Franchises Worth a Look


Franchising isn’t for everyone. Some entrepreneurs prefer to have complete creative control over every aspect of their companies, while others enjoy the structure of having an established business model and proven processes that come with a franchise. Ongoing corporate support and opportunities like co-op advertising make it possible for franchisees to achieve profitability more quickly [...]

How to Choose the Right Investment Offers for Your Small Business


All entrepreneurs dream of investors emerging from the woodwork begging to help fund their company. Whether you’re a major up-and-comer who has investors salivating to get in on the action or you’ve been hitting the streets pitching to venture capitalists, there may come a time when you choose not to accept funding from an investor. [...]
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7 Must-Try Tools for Organizing Your Idea Vault


Keeping track of all your great ideas while you’re busy running your business is no easy feat. Many potentially profitable ideas may slip your mind before you can flesh them out, do research, or bring them to fruition. There are dozens of tools that can help you document and organize your ideas on the fly [...]

Google Launches Google My Business, a Central Dashboard for Small Business

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Google has launched a new portal, Google My Business, designed to simplify and demystify Google visibility for small businesses. Google My Business provides a central hub for small, local businesses to manage their presence on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ from a single dashboard. Getting on Google is Simpler than Ever Before Google My [...]

Forget the Search Engines, Focus on Your Audience


Having trouble tracking Google’s changes to its search algorithm and adjusting your digital marketing strategy accordingly? You’re in good company. Even SEO professionals have a hard time keeping up with what’s an acceptable practice vs. what’s likely to get penalized these days. Major tweaks by Google since 2011 have significantly influenced how web publishers and [...]

4 Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud in 2014

Thinking of migrating to the cloud in 2014? Many small-business owners are realizing the value of handling essential processes, such as storing data and maintaining the necessary hardware to do so, remotely. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions may be just the ticket to help you ride the waves of change and growth. What Are [...]

Why Google+ Should Be a Core Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2014


Google made a lot of changes last year: The Hummingbird algorithm update landed. Personalized search results took shape. Keyword optimization shifted dramatically. And, as a result, Google+ gained importance in SEO rankings. If Google+ wasn’t a part of your marketing strategy in 2013, here are some compelling reasons to prioritize it in 2014. Rank Higher [...]