Where to Find Case Studies for Social Media


We all learn from others. Even our innovations come from putting together ideas in new ways. This applies to social media as well, but where can you find ideas? I've gathered up a few sources of inspiration for your social media marketing. Start with Tod Maffin's Case Studies Online. It's a database of social media [...]

What small business can learn from Florida tourism's disaster response

Posted in LOCAL

As tourism-based small businesses all along the Gulf of Mexico are feeling the effects of reduced visitor numbers, a few tourism groups are doing some innovative things to reach and reassure potential travelers. BP has given money to several gulf states to promote tourism. While some traditional ad buys are going on, I'm more interested [...]

Collecting Positive Reviews

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People trust other people, much more than they trust you. That means your potential customers trust the semi-anonymous reviews written on online review sites more than all that great text on your own website. Do you regularly monitor what is said about you on TripAdvisor, VirtualTourist or Igougo? How about mainstream booking sites like, [...]