Brett Snyder

Brett Snyder is President and Chief Airline Dork of Cranky Concierge air travel assistance. Snyder previously worked for several airlines, including America West and United, before leaving to create a travel search site for Snyder did his undergrad at George Washington and earned his MBA from Stanford.

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    In the Trenches: Planning for Turnover

    by on May 25, 2011

    Earlier this year, my de facto #2 guy decided it was time to move on to start his own (unrelated) business. Now someone else is leaving, but the situation couldn’t have been more different. This time, I’m completely prepared.

    I’ve known that this concierge …

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    In the Trenches: Rethinking Our Facebook Strategy

    by on May 18, 2011

    Last December, I wrote about the value of our presence on Facebook saying “if people wanted to find my business on Facebook then I would be stupid not to be there.” Now I’m rethinking that strategy.

    I don’t have any issues with actually having a presence on …

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    In the Trenches: How to Stop Working So Much

    by on May 11, 2011

    Last week I wrote about the importance of an inviting workspace. This week, it’s time to talk about the perils of making it too inviting. That’s right. If you work at home, you probably work too much. I certainly do, and that’s not something that’s sustain…

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    In the Trenches: Designing A Workspace

    by on May 4, 2011

    You wouldn’t think it would make a big difference, but over the last few months, I’ve learned that the design and location of your workspace makes a huge difference in productivity. This is particularly important for a home-based business like mine.

    When I f…

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    In the Trenches: Building Our Own Tech Tools

    by on April 27, 2011

    When I first started Cranky Concierge, the focus was not just on getting set up to make sure everything ran but ran smoothly. It was an arduous process, but things run pretty well now. Notice I say “pretty” well. It’s not perfect, and that’s why it’s time t…

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    In the Trenches: Pricing Feedback Rolls in

    by on April 20, 2011

    Last week, I wrote about the first public step in our plan to change our pricing structure via newsletter and more direct customer outreach. The plan has paid dividends as we’ve received excellent feedback so far, the two main points of which have been:


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    In the Trenches: Making a Pricing Change the Right Way

    by on April 13, 2011

    This week, we’re beginning one of the most difficult things that a small business can do: putting a pricing change into place. There are few things that can have such a big impact on the customer as a shift in rates, and that’s why it can’t be taken lightly.

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    In the Trenches: Reducing Dependence on Me

    by on April 6, 2011

    I’ve been on two trips in the past week, and I’m tired. Every time I travel, it reminds me how important it is to get the business to a point where it can run without me. I’m just not there yet.

    I imagine if you start a business with a partner, you naturall…

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