Bridgette Austin

Bridgette Austin

Based out of New York City, Bridgette is a technology writer in the higher education sector. Throughout her career, she has written a variety of business publications for organizations ranging from Big Four accounting firms and environmental consultancies, to software and college textbook companies.

  • 2015_3_6-large-am-ways_to_reduce_small_business_debt.png

    5 Ways to Reduce Small Business Debt

    by on March 23, 2015

    The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) cites poor credit management, lack of money and personal use of business funds as some of the top reasons why small companies fail. Businesses that lack money to cover basic expenses such as rent and payroll can qui…

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  • 2015_2_11-large-am-complete_guide_to_protecting_customer_data.png

    Complete Guide to Protecting Customer Data

    by on March 23, 2015

    With each passing year, cyber attacks against companies around the world increase in both number and intensity. In addition to lost shareholder value, damaged reputations and exposure to lawsuits, financial losses following security breaches can reach as high …

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  • 2015_2_2-large-am-6_steps_you_must_take_when_hiring_employees.png

    6 Steps You Must Take When Hiring Employees

    by on February 3, 2015

    Congrats! You’re ready to take your business to the next level by hiring your first employee. Human Resources is typically the department that owns the onboarding process and facilitates and leads the data-collection process for new hires. But what if yo…

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  • 2015_1_23-large-am-fraud_statistics_every_business_should_know.png

    Fraud Statistics Every Business Should Know

    by on January 28, 2015

    The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) 2014 Global Fraud Study revealed that the typical organization loses a median of 5% of revenues each year due to fraud. On a global scale, this translates to losses of approximately $3.7 trillion, according …

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  • 2015_1_22-large-am-how_new_healthcare_laws_affect_your_taxes.png

    How New Healthcare Laws Affect Your Taxes

    by on January 28, 2015

    If you’re part of the 95% of private businesses that employ fewer than 50 workers, you may be wondering how new healthcare laws will impact small business owners in 2015. Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in March 2010, d…

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  • 2015_1_20-large-am-yelps-new_app_how_it_will_affect_your_business.png

    Yelp’s New App: How It Will Affect Your Business

    by on January 28, 2015

    In December 2014, Yelp launched a new version of its social media marketing app, Yelp for Business Owners. The mobile app, which is available for download for both iOS and Android devices, is particularly helpful for small and medium-sized businesses who are l…

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  • 2014_7_14-small-AM-What_is_Content_Marketing

    What Is Content Marketing?

    by on July 19, 2014

    These days, having a website isn’t enough. Online collaboration, content sharing and content generation have proved essential for generating customer attention and increasing brand awareness. Content marketing is considered an inbound marketing tactic bec…

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  • 2014_7_8-small-AM-Best_Collaboration_Tools_for_Better_Teamwork

    The 6 Best Collaboration Tools for Better Teamwork

    by on July 17, 2014

    It’s easy to see how collaboration software can help small businesses share information and organize the sheer amount of data that’s created, consumed and distributed on a daily basis. But the task of effective teamwork becomes even more challenging when y…

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