Bridgette Austin

Bridgette Austin

Based out of New York City, Bridgette is a technology writer in the higher education sector. Throughout her career, she has written a variety of business publications for organizations ranging from Big Four accounting firms and environmental consultancies, to software and college textbook companies.

  • 2014_7_14-small-AM-What_is_Content_Marketing

    What Is Content Marketing?

    by on July 19, 2014

    These days, having a website isn’t enough. Online collaboration, content sharing and content generation have proved essential for generating customer attention and increasing brand awareness. Content marketing is considered an inbound marketing tactic bec…

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  • 2014_7_8-small-AM-Best_Collaboration_Tools_for_Better_Teamwork

    The 6 Best Collaboration Tools for Better Teamwork

    by on July 17, 2014

    It’s easy to see how collaboration software can help small businesses share information and organize the sheer amount of data that’s created, consumed and distributed on a daily basis. But the task of effective teamwork becomes even more challenging when y…

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  • 2014_7_8-small-AM-How_to_Create_an_Effective_Employee_Training_Program

    How to Create an Effective Employee Training Program

    by on July 17, 2014

    Studies have shown that companies tend to lend more weight and attention to training only new employees and entry-level workers. Though training for less-experienced employees is important, research reveals that work training programs at all job levels have a …

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  • 2014_7_8-small-AM-Whats_The_Difference_Between_Zoning_&_Building_Codes

    What’s the Difference Between Zoning and Building Codes?

    by on July 17, 2014

    When choosing a business location, it’s never too late to start thinking about how zoning laws and building codes will affect the purchase and future renovations of an existing property. While zoning and building codes are closely related, they both serve di…

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  • Build_and_structure_a_product_team-large

    How to Build and Structure a Product Team

    by on July 17, 2014

    According to Steve Johnson of Pragmatic Marketing, “The strategic role of product management is to be ‘messenger of the market,’ delivering market and product information to the departments that need facts to make decisions.” As the role and importanc…

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  • bestresourcelearning-large

    The Best Free Resources for Learning Web Programming

    by on July 17, 2014

    There are numerous computer science programs that teach students the latest and widest-used programming languages for desktop, mobile and web applications. Unfortunately, these courses and certifications can cost students anywhere from a few hundred to several…

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  • The-Basics-of-SEO-Writing-large

    The Basics of SEO Writing

    by on July 17, 2014

    The world of online searching is huge; in fact, Google states that the World Wide Web contains over 60 trillion pages and counting, as of October 2013. For companies and individuals, the primary goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to populate their…

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  • 5-Simple-Tips-to-Improve-Your-SEO-large

    5 Simple Tips to Improve Your SEO

    by on July 17, 2014

    During the early days of the internet, major search engines paid lots of attention to backlinks (links to your website) and keywords, the words and phrases that websites use to define and describe their webpages (or integrated within the webpage itself) in h…

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