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How to Save Time and Money with E-Checks

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Electronic check, or e-checks — also referred to as electronic check conversions, or back-office conversions (BOCs) — are essentially secure digital versions of paper checks. Using e-checks in your small business offers increased time and money savings, as well as additional protection against fraud. With e-checks, you can reduce your payment processing costs by up [...]
Cutting Costs

How to Reduce Credit-Card Processing Costs


When you accept credit cards, you'll pay fees for everything from setup to customer service. Learn how to reduce credit card processing costs.
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Terms to Know If You Plan to Accept Credit Cards


Accepting credit cards in your business can help you increase sales and provide your customers greater convenience. But it will also introduce you to an array of previously unfamiliar industry terms. Here’s a handy cheat sheet: Authorization fee: For some transactions, the cardholder and card won’t be present. If you want to get the discount [...]
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Grow Your Business by Accepting Credit Cards


There are some clear advantages to accepting credit and debit card payments in your business — including the ability to offer your customers the convenience of paying electronically by mobile phone or tablet, online, or in QuickBooks. To get the most out of accepting credit cards, it’s wise to familiarize yourself and the employees who [...]

Small Business Employment Shows Large Gains in May 2014; Overall Revenue Up

The May 2014 Intuit Small Business Employment Index showed the largest employment increase in more than a year. This month’s increase is triple the average of 12,000 new jobs per month that have been added since the small business recovery began in April 2010. As well, the April 2014 Intuit Small Business Revenue Index showed that small businesses made [...]

Why It Pays to Hire [INFOGRAPHIC]


More and more small businesses are realizing that they can't do everything on their own, and sure enough hiring among small business owners is on the rise, jumping from 21 percent of SBOs in 2012 to 24 percent this year. All told, small businesses created 380,000 new jobs in August 2013 alone. Still on the [...]

Join Us at the Small Biz Vcon Virtual Conference, January 23-24, 2013


Running a small business? The Small Biz Vcon is for you! This Virtual Conference (Vcon) is designed for all SMBs, whether you design websites, are a manufacturer, run a retail store, or provide accounting services. This conference can help you streamline your workflow and bring your business to the technological forefront. Intuit ProAdvisors will be [...]

New York's Heart and Soul Events Wins $25,000 Grant

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Heart and Soul Events in Frankfort, New York is our final October Love A Local Business grant winner! As a recipient of one of our nine $25,000 hiring grants, it joins WEBIT Services and Ferrin Accounting as finalists for the Grand Prize to be handed out in early January. Special events planning company Heart and [...]