How Shell Company Fraud Works

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It was the perfect crime.  For only $35, Paul was “in business.” That small investment bought a fictitious-name or DBA (doing business as) certificate — which was the key to his grand plan to defraud his employer. He used the certificate to set-up a business checking account and then added his new enterprise as a [...]

Why Do Small Businesses Suffer the Biggest Fraud Losses?

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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) recently published the 2010 Global Fraud Report.  In it, this stunning revelation is offered: Businesses lose an estimated 5 percent of their revenues to fraud. ACFE claims that companies with less than 100 employees represent a third of all fraud cases, the largest share in the industry among [...]

Do You Have Too Many Checks Written to Cash?

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A check written to cash, if lost or stolen, can be cashed by anyone. Learn why checks written to cash can also alert the IRS and US Immigrations.

Are These Simple Accounting Mistakes Costing You Money?


Let’s face it.  We all make mistakes.  Sure, it’s great to learn from what doesn’t work, but actually paying for those mistakes is something we’d all like to avoid.  In the case of simple mistakes, it’s often one small detail that makes the difference between “getting it right the first time” and “paying to fix [...]