Eric Moyer

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    The 10 Ways That Social Media Marketing Is Like Dating

    by on March 8, 2011

    No one ever said dating was easy.  Likewise, no one ever said using social media to grow your business was easy, either.  And as they say, if dating (and social media) is a game, then just like any other game, there are rules you need to study, learn, and fo…

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    Online Marketing Toolkit for Small Businesses

    by on May 20, 2010

    We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of small businesses get online through Intuit Website Services. In doing so, we often hear from small-business owners that they could use some help understanding how to approach online marketing. Getting a website is step o…

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    Advertise Your Business Online with Search Engine Marketing

    by on May 19, 2010

    After you build your website and optimize it for organic search results, you can drive additional traffic to your site through search engine marketing. SEM generates visibility in the paid advertising section of search engine results. Unlike SEO, SEM works ins…

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