How to Show Employees Your Appreciation


Handing out kudos boosts workplace morale, and companies that regularly thank their employees outperform those that don’t, says Josh Bersin, founder and principal of Bersin by Deloitte. Those are two compelling reasons to ramp up the praise. Here are seven ways to recognize your exemplary workers: 1. Acknowledge specific acts. Don’t simply hand out a [...]

8 Tips for Dealing with Road Construction Near Your Small Business

Posted in LOCAL

Roadwork is a fact of life in the developed world. But while it's an inconvenience for you as a driver, it can be devastating for a small business if your driveway or signage is blocked by street closures, scaffolds, and other construction -- not to mention the  flying debris and noise. Don’t let road construction [...]

9 Tips for Giving an Acceptance Speech

Posted in TRENDS

Congratulations, small-business owner! You’ve just been informed that you’re receiving an award for your leadership efforts or charitable contributions. Don’t let glossophobia tie your tongue at the big event. Here are nine suggestions for giving an acceptance speech that will help you conquer your fears and find your speaking mojo. 1. Keep your remarks brief. [...]

5 Questions to Ask a Business Incubator Before Signing Up


“The number and variety of business incubators is on the rise in the U.S.,” Bloomberg Businessweek declared recently. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, it’s easy to understand why: Incubators typically offer aspiring business owners a supportive environment and financial assistance (such as helping to secure startup capital, below-market rent, or business services). When choosing a launch [...]

7 Ways to Sort a ‘Slow Pay’ from a ‘No Pay’ Client

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It’s an all too common dilemma for small-business owners: How much time do you give customers to pay overdue bills before writing off your losses as bad debt? Deciding when it’s time to cease collection efforts can be a hard call to make. How do you separate the laggards who will eventually catch up from the deadbeats who will [...]

5 Ways That Joining a Trade Association Can Help You Boost Business


Ever feel like an ant crawling through a landscape of giant big-box competitors? If so, consider this: The average anthill packs plenty of collective power, and when its residents gather in large numbers, they can send even the largest beast running. Trade associations can give small businesses similar leverage, affording them access to innovative business [...]

6 Tips for Creating an Optimal Retail Store Layout


Mom-and-pop shop owners may not realize the impact that a retail store’s layout can have on sales. But studies show that a less-than-ideal arrangement of product displays, check-out and service counters, or aisles influences consumer behavior in subtle but powerful ways. For example, when a customer avoids a crowded aisle or feels intimated by a clerk [...]

5 Ways to Give Workers More Autonomy (and Why It's Important)


Improving employee autonomy drives innovation and expertise, and also reduces turnover costs. Find five ways to give your employees more autonomy.