Jaimy Ford

Jaimy Ford

Jaimy Ford is a business writer and editor. She writes subscription newsletters, training tools and blogs that focus on professional development, leadership, productivity and more. Her goal in everything she writes is to provide actionable advice that you can put to use immediately.

  • Cash register

    How Much Should You Charge for Your Product?

    by on October 22, 2014

    Pricing your products correctly is one of the more difficult tasks you will face as a business owner.

    Charge too little and people might perceive your product as “cheap.” Charge too much and people won’t be able or willing to purchase your products. …

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  • hiring an accountant

    9 Signs You Need an Accountant

    by on October 21, 2014

    As a small-business owner, up until this point, you may have managed your money successfully. Software programs like QuickBooks make it possible, even if you don’t have much financial knowledge or experience.

    However, as your business — and revenue — …

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  • hiring

    Can You Afford a New Employee?

    by on October 20, 2014

    If you have more work than you can manage or your employees are claiming that they are completely overwhelmed, it may be time to increase your staff. Being short-staffed does more than just increase stress for you and your team. It can limit your growth potent…

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  • 2014_7_14-small-AM-8_Email_Marketing_Tips_&_Tricks

    8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

    by on September 17, 2014

    Email marketing is not going anywhere. According to a study by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. Additionally, using email as the primary source of marketing for small businesses is on t…

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  • tax calculations

    Top Tax Write-Offs for Small Business Owners

    by on September 15, 2014

    With each tax deduction you take, you reduce your overall tax burden. And as a small-business owner, you can use all the relief you can get.

    Make sure you don’t leave money on the table this tax season by taking advantage of these top tax write-offs:

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  • 2014_7_14-small-AM-Different_Types_of_Business_Loans

    Different Types of Business Loans

    by on August 20, 2014

    Are you in need of extra cash to keep your business afloat or to take it to the next level? Consider these sources of loans for the small business owner:

    Government Loans
    The 7(a) Loan Program is offered to businesses that meet certain requirements as d…

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  • 2014_7_14-small-AM-How_to_Start_a_Service_Business

    How to Start a Service Business

    by on July 19, 2014

    If you have a special skill or area of expertise, a service business could be right up your alley. A service business is simply an organization that provides a unique service to customers. Accounting firms, ad agencies, landscaping businesses, house-cleaning s…

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  • Minimum-Viable-Product-large

    What Is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

    by on July 17, 2014

    Sometimes, when you want to launch a new product, feature or service, you won’t have the time or money to perfect it before sharing it with customers. That’s okay (and sometimes, it’s even a good thing). Many companies, particularly those who create web s…

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