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Should You Buy a New Top-Level Domain Name for Your Business?


Now it’s easier than ever before to buy a branded URL for your business. With the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ rollout of more than 1,400 themed domain extensions over the course of the year, you can now buy the website address of your choice with a .bike, .coffee, or .lawyer top-level domain, [...]

The Pros and Cons of Using a Chromebook as Your Primary Work Computer

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So you’re thinking of replacing your laptop this year and the inexpensive Google Chromebook — a PC with the cloud-based Chrome operating system — is an enticing option. Nine models are currently available from four manufacturers (Acer, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba). The prices range from $199 to $329, with the exception of the Google Pixel, which [...]

Is It Worth Responding to RFPs?

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Requests for proposals — or RFPs for short — are frequently issued by government agencies, nonprofit groups, and corporations to encourage businesses in a particular industry to bid on projects. RFPs typically outline specific requirements and deliverables, leaving it to potential contractors to propose how they would perform the work and how much they would [...]

Finding Professional Meeting Space When You Work From Home


If you’re self-employed or run a virtual company, a home office will generally suffice for day-to-day work. But if a client or a prospect requests an in-person meeting, you may need to find a more professional host setting than your living room or a local coffee shop. Luckily, plenty of options exist, depending on your [...]

Why and How to Conduct a Web Content Audit

Whether you’re planning to redesign your website, rebrand your company, or increase your online marketing might, you’ll want to examine whether your existing web content is supporting your company’s goals. A web content audit is a thorough review of your assets that helps you determine what to delete, add, and integrate. Making appropriate changes can [...]

Should You Make Employee Salaries Transparent?


Buffer, a social media scheduling service, recently caused a stir in the tech world last month when it revealed its “open salary” formula and published the current salaries of 15 employees. The move, which CEO Joel Gascoigne said was made in the interest of transparency, bolstered Buffer’s recruiting efforts. But is it a good idea [...]

Still Using Windows XP? It’s Time to Upgrade Your Operating System


Are you still using the Windows XP operating system to run your office PCs? Although the Microsoft OS dates back to 2001, it’s still widely used: According to NetMarketShare's December 2013 update, close to 30 percent of Americans with personal computers still use the platform. If you’re among them, it’s finally time to upgrade. On April [...]

Managing Maternity Leave When You’re Self-Employed


Are you thinking about having a baby? When you’re self-employed, planning your maternity leave can be a challenge. Although you won’t have to return to work on someone else’s timetable, you may find it tough to schedule significant time off. After all, for most independent service providers, if you’re not on the job, you’re not [...]