Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey is a business writer for Intuit and is passionate about solving small business problems.

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    LinkedIn’s New Small-Business Site: What You Need to Know

    by on March 24, 2014

    LinkedIn recently launched a microsite for small-business owners. The idea behind it is to “give [entrepreneurs like] you the tools, tips, and guidance you need to make the most out of LinkedIn.”

    The free resource center, dubbed LinkedIn Small Business…

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    Old-School Scams: Don’t Let Your Business Get Conned

    by on February 28, 2014

    Malware, phishing emails, and other online scams tend to draw the most attention these days when it comes to keeping your company secure. But plenty of con artists who target small businesses go old-school, using the phone, mail, or face-to-face interaction …

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    Struggling With Social Media? Focus on Facebook

    by on January 22, 2014

    Let’s not kid ourselves: Social media is neither “easy” nor “free” for most small-business owners. Sure, these online networks can be powerful, cost-effective tools, but social success requires time and honest engagement, not to mention a willingness…

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    What Small Businesses Need to Know About Google's Hummingbird Update

    by on October 7, 2013

    When word spreads that Google has changed its revered-and-feared search algorithm, you can bank on a big reaction. Google, an essential driver of web traffic for many small businesses, continues to dominate online search, with more than 70 percent of total vis…

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    Are Background Checks Worth the Cost?

    by on July 30, 2013

    Conventional wisdom says employers should run background checks on all potential new hires. The thinking: If you don’t do your due diligence, you could wind up with a problem employee — or worse.

    Yet background checks can be problematic for small business…

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    Are You Running a Stupid Business?

    by on July 2, 2013

    Author and entrepreneur Bruce Kasanoff has a message for the modern employee: Your career will go nowhere if you work for a stupid company.

    Kasanoff’s recent article for LinkedIn Today, “How to Tell If You Work for a Stupid Company,” essentially splits …

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    Take More Control of Your Online Reviews

    by on June 19, 2013

    Online ratings and reviews can be a complicated puzzle for small-business owners to solve. Yet a favorable online reputation is a crucial source of leads and sales for many retail and service businesses.

    For example, when’s the last time you took a chance o…

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    How to Become a Local Media Darling

    by on April 25, 2013

    Newk’s Express Café franchisee Todd Jackson first appeared on Good Day Alabama as a solo act, but he has no misconceptions about why the producers keep asking him back. His wife and co-owner, Sonya, is a star attraction.

    “She kind of likes to dress up in…

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