What Makes Shoppers Buy Daily Deals?

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Think daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are a passing fad? Your customers disagree. A whopping 92 percent of shoppers think daily deals are here to stay, according to new research from Constant Contact. The study, conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, polled more than 1,400 U.S. consumers about their daily deal attitudes and habits. It [...]

How to Overcome Shyness When You're the Boss


Some entrepreneurs just have a way with people. They’re the extroverts with the gift of gab: They can (and will) talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. My father-in-law, a lifelong salesman, calls it “doing the chin boogie.” It’s a nice knack to have when you run your own business because, like it or not, that makes [...]

What Should a Small-Business Owner's LinkedIn Profile Look Like?


LinkedIn has plenty of potential uses for a small-business owner: lead generation, marketing, and hiring, to name just a few. But your company's presence on the site is one matter; your individual presence is another. You’re not climbing the corporate ladder, because you’ve already reached the top rung. It doesn’t make much sense to follow [...]

6 Tips for Managing a Small-Business Crisis

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Serious illness or injury, death, divorce, theft, a natural disaster, or the loss of a major customer can wreak havoc on a small business — and that’s not even a complete list of circumstances with the potential to cause trouble. Corporate crisis manager Nat Wasserstein, of Linwood Associates, notes that whatever a small business’s crisis [...]

How to Renegotiate a Commercial Lease

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Rent is often one of a small business’s largest recurring expenses. However, unlike many other fixed costs, a commercial lease is negotiable — even if you’re already locked into a contract. Market conditions can change rapidly, and a well-informed tenant (that’s you) can work to ensure that they’re getting the best deal possible. Wade Horigan, [...]

4 Ways to Avoid Small-Business Bankruptcy

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When a small business hits hard times and can’t recover, its owner may want to consider filing for bankruptcy, especially if the enterprise has significant debt. But bankruptcy is generally considered a last resort, and it only makes sense in certain conditions. Jim Rudnicki, president of Rudnicki & Associates, says that bankruptcy is usually a [...]

How to Get the Most out of Interns


Interns can be an excellent source of inexpensive — or even free — labor for small businesses. In the ideal scenario, everyone wins: Your company gets a helping hand, and the intern gains professional experience. Of course, the ideal scenario doesn’t just magically appear. As in any hiring situation, you need to hire a competent [...]

Mitch Gordon on the Challenges of a Student CEO


Mitch Gordon is president and co-founder of, a startup that helps people find academic, volunteer, internship, and other programs abroad. It’s no surprise that he’s putting in long hours to help get the company off the ground. The shocker: He’s simultaneously enrolled in highly competitive MBA program. Gordon (pictured) isn’t the first entrepreneur to [...]