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Founder of Online Kids’ Shop on How to Succeed in Resale


Sharon Schneider started the online children’s’ consignment shop Moxie Jean to create an alternative to the too-often dingy, time-consuming process of finding quality used togs for little ones. To win the busy, well-heeled customers underserved by the current used-clothes market, she cultivates a specific image for her company: clean, classy, accessible. “The existing options were [...]
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Why and How to Attract and Retain Young Talent


It is becoming increasingly important to attract and retain young talent. Learn how to recruit and engage these up-and-coming young professionals.
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Regional Retailer Appeals to Families by Hosting Playtime in Showrooms

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What better way to sell recreational gear to parents than to get their kids to play with it? Play N’ Learn (pictured), which offers residential and commercial playground equipment in Maryland and Virginia, in 2012 began putting that marketing strategy to the test by opening three of its expansive showrooms to children. “Ours are not just visual [...]

Popcorn Entrepreneur Markets the Flavors of Childhood

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Popcorn is all the rage across the pond, and Greg Taylor’s unusual popcorn company, Retrocorn, based in Essex, England, is putting a new spin on the U.K.'s latest snacking obsession. Taylor's strategy: Infusing the snack with nostalgic candy flavors to help capture a growing corner of the market. Retrocorn joins two comfort foods, popcorn and crushed English [...]

Swapdom CEO on Finding the Right Startup Investor


When Petros and George Georgopoulos finally perfected an algorithm that could engineer the trading of possessions among multiple participants, they knew they were on to something big. The brothers, who are engineers and mathematicians, had struggled with this puzzle for years, unable to figure out how to orchestrate circle swaps -- in which a group of [...]

Leadership Lessons From the Sea

Crane Stookey brings a unique perspective to coaching business leaders and organizations through individual and systemic change. As a former tall-ship officer and founder of the Nova Scotia Sea School, Stookey draws from the lessons he learned while at sea, such as the importance of trusting your crew and letting the boat's needs guide your [...]

Selling Antiques Online to a New Generation of Collectors


Douglas Scott thinks that analog treasures and digital media are a perfect match. Through his new venture, an online marketplace for antiques and fine arts called The HighBoy, he aims to redefine how relics are sold online and make them relevant to young collectors. Scott got involved in the antiques industry when he took over [...]

Local Buzz Comes Just in ‘Thyme’ for Wisconsin Small Business


Tim Williamson left his native New Orleans in 1987 to pursue a career in finance and then in television/video marketing. When he returned to his hometown in the late 1990s to start a tech company, he found that the city had fallen on hard times. After the local oil industry went bust in the mid-1980s, the [...]