10 Small Business Blogs to Help You Save Money

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There is so much good content available from blogs for small businesses these days, but how do you sort through it all to find trusted quality sources? We sifted through the web's myriad offerings to find the 10 best blogs for saving you and your small business money. Get Rich Slowly - Only a select [...]

Valpak: Should Your Business Do It?

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ValpakĀ provides 45 million U.S. homeowners with coupons for everything from dental services to pizzas. Should you advertise with Valpak?

Make Your Next Vacation a Volunteer Vacation


VolunTourism, or combining travel with volunteering, is becoming a popular way to "give back" while on a personal or business trip. Whether you're inspired to save manatees in Florida, rebuild homes in New Orleans, or clean up our nation's parks, you'll find plenty of resources to plan your volunteer travel opportunities here in the U.S. [...]

10 Businesses Your Teens Could Start This Summer


According to a May 6, 2011 press release, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the teen unemployment rate in the U.S. is 24 percent. Summer jobs that many teens have become accustomed to taking are dwindling or becoming nonexistent. So, what can we do to get our teens working this summer? Instead of helping [...]

Why You Should Conduct Website Usability Testing


After many painstaking months of hard work and coding, you've finally got a website that's functional, attractive-looking, and perfect. Or so you think. After launching, you expected a flood of new product orders, but you're let down when users exit your website after a few clicks. Website analytics tell you where users depart your website, [...]

7 Google Tools to Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness


Need to increase your small business marketing effectiveness? There's a Google tool for that. In fact, there are probably many. Over the years there's been a steady stream of products coming out of Google Labs, many especially geared to help improve your business marketing success. Let's take a look at seven of the latest and [...]

6 Contests Offering Small Businesses Cash and Other Goodies

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As the tight lending market persists in hindering small business growth, some well-known companies are on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country to greatness. (We presume you're already well acquainted with Intuit's own Love a Local Business, right?) Here are six additional contests underway right now that offer substantial cash [...]

Become a Two-Wheeled Commuter for Bike-to-Work Week


It's time to put away the car keys and put on the bike shorts. Today marks the beginning of "Bike-to-Work Week," which runs through May 20. Friday is earmarked as "Bike-to-Work Day" and the entire month of May is dubbed "Bike Month." In an effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions, improve health, and save money [...]