Laura McCamy

Laura McCamy is a freelance writer based in Oakland, California. She writes about small business, real estate, and development. An avid urban bike rider, she also loves to cover bicycling, urban planning, and the intersection of bicycles and business. Follow her on Twitter @lmcwords.

  • Electronic commerce

    How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Business?

    by on October 2, 2014

    You can have the best business idea of the century, but your cash register probably won’t be doling out angel’s wings (to quote It’s a Wonderful Life) the day you open. Every new business should allow time to work out the kinks, learn from mistakes, and…

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  • new plant new business

    Ready to Start a Business? Here’s What It Will Cost

    by on September 29, 2014

    Data from the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy confirm what many small-business owners already know from personal experience: Most small businesses are started on a shoestring budget. Based on 2007 Census data, 70 percent of entrepreneur…

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  • balance

    How to Balance Your Small Business’s Books

    by on September 23, 2014

    Balanced books may not be sexy, but they provide small business owners with the grounding they need to make smart decisions about expanding the business, making large purchases, and hiring new employees. The language of accounting professionals can be intimida…

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  • accountant

    8 Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Accountant

    by on September 16, 2014

    On the day your small business gets big enough to hire an accountant, you may relish the thought of delegating this responsibility to someone else. At the same time, the decision is nerve-racking, since you will be entrusting an outside professional with sens…

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  • boot camp

    5 Reasons “Boot Camps” Build Customer Loyalty

    by on September 9, 2014

    When BootCampSF held its first outdoor training sessions in 2001, the idea of paying for six weeks of fitness classes in small groups was a novel alternative to a gym membership. In the years since, boot camp fitness programs have proliferated, particularly in…

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  • rani croager

    Cooperative Business Accelerator Builds a Sharing Economy

    by on September 9, 2014

    Uptima Business Bootcamp is a business accelerator with an unusual business structure: It’s a cooperative. Entrepreneurs who go through the training become members of the co-op and have a say in how the training program is run. They will also share in each oth…

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  • Amy Amoroso

    How One Entrepreneur Is Empowering Youth

    by on September 8, 2014

    Amy Amoroso, jeweler and owner of AnoMalY by Amy in Evanston, Illinois, didn’t plan to teach young people how to run their own businesses. “A woman approached me about seven or eight years ago and said, ‘My daughter would really like to learn to make jewe…

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  • dutta score

    SCORE Mentor Fosters Diversity Among Entrepreneurs

    by on August 25, 2014

    Antara Dutta, President of the Delaware chapter of SCORE and a small business owner, doesn’t shy away from a challenge. After leaving the corporate world to open a consulting firm with her husband in 2008, Dutta (pictured) used her corporate experience to rais…

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