Workamping: Running a Business from an RV

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Thanks to today’s mobile technologies, many jobs can be done away from the office. So why not live on the road full-time? “Workampers” are a growing group of people who live and work in recreational vehicles. While most of the estimated 450,000 full-time RVers in the U.S. are retirees working part-time temporary or volunteer jobs, [...]

Should You Let Your Employees Telecommute? Legal Questions to Consider


Telecommuting has advantages — you may save on office costs, and employees tend to work longer hours. But working from home also carries legal implications you may not have thought about. Here are some of the top issues to think about if you're considering allowing employees to telecommute. Workplace safety Your employee might be working [...]

Why Isn't My Site Showing Up in Google? 7 SEO Tips to Raise Your Ranking


So you just put the final touches on your new company website — but it isn’t showing up in Google. Why not? What’s going on? The first step, according to Samuel Pura, an Intuit web advisor, is to simply make sure you have submitted your URL to Google. Once you’ve done this, it can take [...]

How Important Is Word of Mouth To Your Business… and How Do You Get It?


The number one reason people pick one product over another — or even pick up a product in the first place — is due to recommendations from people they know. In other words, through word of mouth. “Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing,” says Scott Cook, who co-founded Intuit in 1983. [...]

How Many Employees Does It Take to Make Your Company Successful?


When Scott Cook co-founded Intuit in 1983, it took a team of people, from software engineers to design the products and distribution specialists to place the software in retail stores. Today, he says, the Internet has made it possible to run a successful company with fewer people, thanks to mobile technologies and outsourcing. “With technology, [...]

Have a Green or Fair-Trade Product to Sell? Ebay Offers a World of Good


Does your business sell fair-trade or sustainable products? How about those made with organic materials or designed to help animals? If so, you may be able to sell them on Ebay’s “World of Good” portal — a marketplace aimed at selling “good” goods. About 400 sellers currently post their wares on the site, which features [...]

Scott Cook on How a Business Coach Can Improve Your Leadership Skills


If you’re the founder of your company, chances are not too many employees are keen to tell you when you are doing something wrong. For that, you need an objective outsider — such as a business coach. Or, if that doesn’t work for you, customers who are willing to speak freely about what they like [...]

Catch the QR Code Wave to Upgrade Your Marketing

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QR (Quick Response) codes, in case you haven’t heard the term, are square, matrix-style bar codes that can be read by smartphones and instantly linked to web pages, contact information, images, or anything else online. They are free to create. Look around and you'll find QR codes printed on posters, banners, magazines, newspapers, brochures, business [...]