6 Steps for Building a Better Vision Board

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Ready to take your business to the next level? Start by getting in touch with your inner kindergartner: Gather scissors, glue, paper, and a stack of magazines, and put together a vision board. This is a collage representing what you aim to achieve as an entrepreneur. “A vision board can help you create the overall [...]

5 Small-Business Tips for Taking on 2013

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Have you mapped out a strategy for your business in 2013? If not, take a cue from Larah Ritchie: Turn the task into a party. Ritchie (pictured), a business adviser and e-learning designer based in Knoxville, Tenn., has made planning an annual ritual for the past 10 years. Every November, she sits down with a pot [...]

4 Mobile Apps for Better Brainstorming


Innovate or perish. In any fast-changing industry, idea generation isn’t a luxury; it’s a survival skill. Done right, brainstorming sessions help get concepts flowing and bring team members together for new projects. But what if you can’t get everyone in the same room — or even the same time zone? What if you’re working alone? [...]

Give Thanks … and Build Your Business


Shortly after she moved to Newburyport, Mass., in 2009, Erica Holthausen got a haircut at a local salon. A week later, she received a thank-you note and two $10 gift certificates from the hairdresser at Shanti Salon — one for her and another for a friend. Holthausen remembered the experience when she launched her own business [...]

Applying "The Laws of Subtraction"


As a small-business owner, you’re probably always thinking about what more you could do to improve your business, whether it’s adding new products, services, features, employees, or locations. But author Matthew E. May (pictured) urges you to think about what you should stop or avoid doing instead. In his new book, The Laws of Subtraction: [...]

6 Ways to Promote a 'Buy Local' Campaign

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An active “buy local” campaign can boost your business and the regional economy. Find six ways to promote a “buy local” campaign for your business.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of the iPhone 5


As a small-business owner, if you haven’t developed a mobile strategy, now’s the time. Apple sold more than 5 million units of the iPhone 5 in its first three days on the market, and analyst firm J.P. Morgan expects Apple to sell some 168 million iPhones in fiscal 2013. That will put more smartphones than [...]

How (and Why) to Take a Sabbatical


Did our headline make you laugh? Sabbaticals may be fine for professors in ivory towers, you think, but for small-business owners and their employees, taking extended time off is simply out of the question. Not so fast, says Elizabeth Pagano (pictured, with her mother), co-founder of YourSabbatical, an Atlanta-based research firm that helps companies plan [...]