Twitter Gets a Touch-up to Improve Marketing and User Engagement

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Twitter is undergoing a high-profile tweak aimed at making everything from user interaction to brand marketing simpler and more effective. The changes began surfacing Dec. 8 in updates to Twitter’s smartphone and tablet applications and subsequently rolled out to internet browsers. Jack Dorsey, who pioneered the short messaging service, announced last week that Twitter is [...]

Bantom Brings Home $25,000 Hiring Grant to Help Grow Green Business


In return for helping others go green in their businesses, Rhonda Bantom is being rewarded with some green of her own. Bantom's Detroit, Michigan-based Bantom Global Industries -- a contract manufacturer and supplier of alternative and renewable energy products -- is the latest Love A Local Business winner. Intuit will award Bantom a $25,000 hiring [...]

Aqua Salon Proves a Cut Above The Rest

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Pictured: Aqua Salon.  Photo courtesy of Noel Buican. Noel Buican of Aqua Salon has even more reason to give thanks this holiday weekend. Her trendy hair and beauty salon in the Edgebrook community of Chicago, Illinois is the latest Love A Local Business winner. That means Intuit will award Aqua a $25,000 hiring grant. Buican's [...]

Apple's iPhone 4S Takes Small Business 'Siri'ously


Today, Apple raised the curtain on its long-awaited fifth generation iPhone -- the iPhone 4S. In the wake of its new product launch, Apple finds itself in a unique but not necessarily unfavorable situation. As industry analysts largely concur, this may be the first time we've seen Apple's operating system spark more talk than the [...]

What Small Businesses Can Learn from BlackBerry's Mistakes

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Just a few short years ago, if you were a small-business owner, you simply had to own a BlackBerry. Now it seems that the device's maker, Research in Motion (RIM), needs small-business owners more than small-business owners need the device. It's been a painful year for the BlackBerry. Since the start of 2011, the once-dominant [...]

Small Businesses Struggle Over How to Honor 9/11

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Ten years after the deadly terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the images from Ground Zero remain every bit as vivid and painful as they did a decade ago. As the United States and the world abroad now prepare to mark the milestone tenth anniversary of 9/11, a great effort is being taken by all [...]

Is Mac OS X Lion a Good Fit for Your Small Business?


Following months of eager anticipation from rabidly fanatic Mac users, the venerable tech giant Apple has finally raised the curtain on Mac OS X Lion ($30) -- the next major release of OS X, which Apple hails as "the world’s most advanced desktop operating system." The first OS X upgrade available as an app download [...]

How To Win Big by Giving Stuff Away


In October 2009, a fledgling newbie in the world of social media decided to invest $4,000 into starting a new website called Social Media Examiner. Offering rich, pertinent, and always free-of-charge content related to social media and online marketing, the site resonated with audiences immediately. Within two weeks of launch, was ranked among Technorati's [...]