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Michael Essany is a business writer for Intuit and is passionate about solving small business problems.

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    Sleep Genius Aims to Awaken Small-Business Productivity

    by on July 8, 2013

    Feel like you could use a little more sleep? You’re not alone. Researchers at Harvard Medical School say that at least 30 percent of the civilian workforce in the U.S. is chronically sleep-deprived. What’s worse, all that grogginess is costing businesses m…

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    Intuit Gives Some Green to Eco-Friendly Salon and Spa

    by on May 25, 2013

    The affluent community of Flossmoor, Ill. — a village 30 miles south of downtown Chicago — has an abundance of high-end beauty salons and spas. But one in particular stands out when it comes to embracing green business practices.

    Jonathan Kane Salon &…

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  • Mufa-Cafe-300x215.png

    Intuit Helps Small Cafe Promote Healthy Dining Alternative

    by on May 24, 2013

    In November 2011, Melanie Fremont-Weatherstone poured her 35 years of experience in the food-service industry into starting her own business in Gillette, Wyo.

    “I had only lived in the Gillette community, which is a big mining town, for about seven years,”…

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    Medical Linen Service Cleans Up With Intuit Grant

    by on May 23, 2013

    About 100 miles southeast of Atlanta is the charming town of Milledgeville.

    “It’s a very tight-knit, traditional southern community that’s been hit really hard [economically] over the last 10 years. There was a lot of industry here,” says small-busine…

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  • TheClaySchool-300x451.jpg

    Intuit Helps to Shape the Clay School's Future

    by on May 22, 2013

    When Kirsten Bassion received a master’s degree in ceramics from the School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2004, she knew she wanted to give back to her community through education. Two years later, with friend and fellow potter …

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  • Rosendale-Theatre-300x200.jpg

    Intuit Gives a Lift to Historic Community Theater

    by on May 20, 2013

    More than a century ago, a small casino with a big future opened its doors in the town of Rosendale, N.Y.

    By the early 1920s, the casino had expanded its offerings and begun screening some of the earliest films ever produced. As a result, the venue quickly be…

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    When It's Time to Let an Employee Go

    by on May 17, 2013

    Firing someone is, without a doubt, one of the most unpleasant experiences imaginable for a small-business owner. But sometimes letting an employee go is essential for the well-being — perhaps even the survival — of the company.

    Jonathan Pyle, a vice pres…

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    5 Expert Tips for Hiring the Right People

    by on May 17, 2013

    Small-business owners can’t just sit back and wait for perfect employees to walk through their doors. If only it were that easy! So, how do you hire the right people?

    Experts in HR, talent acquisition, and professional networking recently gathered at the Hi…

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