Rachel Ginsberg

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    Creating a Culture of Innovation

    by on July 9, 2013

    The mythology of startups today frequently centers on archetypes of brilliant founders and visionary designers who single-handedly build wildly successful, highly creative companies from scratch. Although these entrepreneurs do exist, there’s a bit more to i…

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    4 Ways to Strengthen Your Service Identity

    by on June 13, 2013

    Whether selling a product or a service, every small business interacts with the customer at some stage in the transaction — often more than once.

    These points of contact present an important opportunity to communicate your organization’s unique selling pr…

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    A Brooklyn Homebrew Shop's Innovative Recipe for Business

    by on May 7, 2013

    When Douglas Amport and John La Polla conceived the business now known as Bitter & Esters, they simply wanted to provide space where enthusiastic homebrewers like themselves could produce larger batches of beer than the average apartment in New York City (…

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