Avoid These Expensive Google AdWords Mistakes


Do you use Google AdWords to attract new business? If so, make sure you’re not falling into any of these common traps that may limit your online advertising’s effectiveness. 1. Spending your entire budget on a single campaign or keyword — It’s easy to set up an AdWords campaign and generate some clicks. But for those clicks to come [...]

How to Refine Your Pitch to Investors


If you’re looking to raise capital, you’ll almost certainly spend time in front of hard-eyed investors who have the power to write you big checks, provided that you and your business come across like winners. Here are some guidelines for making your pitches more effective and appealing to potential backers. Keep Your Introduction Short If [...]

Swap Your Administrative Tasks for More Entrepreneurial Opportunities

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You probably recognize that you are more valuable to your business as an entrepreneur than as an administrator. Yet a recent survey by Intuit Australia shows that entrepreneurs often neglect managing and growing their businesses because they inadvertently spend far more time than they realize handling administrative duties. To prevent this from happening to you, log your daily [...]

Make Your Next Business Event a Success


Hosting a party, a conference, or another type of event can be a great way to promote your company, sell products or services, and forge new business relationships. But you’ll need to plan ahead to make sure your goals are met. Here are some pointers for making your next business event a success. Focus on [...]

Quarterly Questions to Keep Your Business On Track

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Most businesses operate -- with budgets, sales goals, performance evaluations, and so forth -- on an annual basis. But if you wait until the end of the year to assess your operations, it will be too late to make adjustments that could boost your bottom line. So it makes sense to take your business’s pulse [...]

How to Be Nice (But Not Too Nice)


Your small business is a reflection of your personality. But you may have to step outside your comfort zone a bit in order to succeed as a boss. After all, if you’re too nice — as in overly flexible, soft-hearted, agreeable, empathic, or generous — you may be letting other people take advantage of you, [...]

Don’t Let the Next Natural Disaster Put You Out of Business

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Natural disasters — fires, floods, sinkholes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, swarms of locusts, or worse — have affected more than 30 percent of U.S. businesses. So while they may sound rare, the odds are fairly high that your small business will one day square off with Mother Nature. When it does, she’ll likely cause short-term disruptions and [...]

Sidestep the ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy’ to Make Better Choices

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The “sunk cost” thinking trap snares many unwary entrepreneurs: It springs shut the moment you devote additional resources to a project just because you’ve already invested some. Simply put, a sunk cost is money, time, and/or energy that you’ve already expended and can’t get back. These costs are important and tricky, because when making decisions many [...]