New SBA Program Offers Business Loans to Veterans

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The Small Business Administration recently announced the SBA Veteran Pledge Initiative, a new program that aims to increase business loans to military veterans by 5 percent a year for the next five years. Over the life of the program, more than 120 of the SBA’s national, regional, and community lenders are expected to make it [...]

How to Negotiate a Better Commercial Lease


Among your company’s biggest expenses, your payments for office or retail space probably rank near the top. So, naturally, you’ll want to negotiate the best possible terms [PDF]. Despite what landlords may tell you, there is no “standard” commercial lease. But some common “sticking points” crop up in most negotiations. Before committing to any lease, [...]

7 Tips for Avoiding Small-Business Legal Potholes

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Even the most successful business can be undermined by poor legal arrangements. Failing to plan for the possibility of lawsuits or other problems may come back to bite you at the worst possible moment. Here are seven tips for reducing your odds of hitting a legal pothole. 1. Avoid loose language and understandings. Doing business [...]

Should You Rebuild Your Old Team for a New Venture?


So you recently sold your successful business and want to start anew. For your next venture, you have the urge to “put the old band back together.” But this strategy, albeit an attractive one, can bring with it a variety of difficulties. Before you try to rebuild your old team for the new project, think [...]

How to Ask for Higher Prices — and Get Them


Small-business owners often have difficulty deciding what to charge for their products and services, and too often they charge too little. They also fear that raising their prices will drive away customers. As a result, they’re not as profitable as they could be. Here’s how to ask for higher prices — and get them. Offer [...]

How to Accelerate Cash Inflows and Delay Outflows

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With lesser reserves and fewer financial alternatives than  corporate competitors, small businesses should prepare for the kinds of fluctuations in revenue that could prompt cash crises. It’s wise to put together a set of policies that can help you cope with any cash shortages and keep your company afloat long enough for sales and profits [...]

Improving Your Written Bids and Proposals


Looking for lucrative new business opportunities, such as landing a large private or public contract, which might require a written bid? Beyond asking a reasonable price for your goods or services, here are five tips for developing competitive bids and proposals. 1. Emphasize your unique selling proposition. To stand out in a crowd, stand apart [...]

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Vendor Managed Inventory

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For most small manufacturing businesses, the necessary inventory of raw materials, product parts and sub-assemblies, and consumable supplies tends to be tedious and expensive to manage and maintain. Waste and loss are quite commonplace. That’s why many management consultants and supply-chain experts now encourage companies to replace traditional supply-chain management strategies with the more effective [...]