How LinkedIn Can Help You Find Your Next Great Employee


Despite all of the job-related resources available to applicants and hiring managers on the internet, a company’s own website is often the best online source of talent, newly released research suggests. But LinkedIn, which ranks fourth among top job boards, has been an increasing “source of both interviews and hires” since 2011. This may be [...]

How to Sharpen Your Listening Skills


Businesses in the U.S. and U.K. lose $37 billion a year simply because workers do not fully understand their jobs, according to a new IDC white paper commissioned by Cognisco, an employee-assessment specialist. Their confusion results in unplanned downtime, regulatory penalties, and other costs to companies. Communicating effectively is a must-have leadership skill, one that’s [...]

Small-Business Scams to Watch Out For

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Small businesses are at an increased risk for fraud, research has found. According to a study conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research, small-business owners experience fraud at a rate that is double the rate of non-business owners. Some of these scams dupe small-business owners because they are wrapped up in offers of money-saving deals that [...]

Improve Your Better Business Bureau Rating With These Tips

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A business’s rating with the Better Business Bureau can make a difference in the number of consumers it attracts. Savvy customers may check these scores — often viewed as stamps of approval — before deciding to do business with a particular company. Receiving BBB accreditation requires first registering through the BBB office that covers your [...]

Can Face-to-Face Sales Give Your Business an Edge?


“Outside sales” positions aren’t what they used to be, what with phone calls, emails, and video chats and conferences giving reps the ability to keep in touch with clients without ever leaving the office. But even as web-based transactions quickly overtake in-person sales, face-to-face meetings remain more effective than virtual ones, especially when it comes [...]

How to Handle Employees Who Habitually Play Hooky


As you hire a new employee, there's no real way to know if you're signing up a worker who will call in sick every couple of weeks. You can check references and ask previous employers about their work habits, but many employers are hesitant to give specifics on an employee for legal reasons. Certain regulations, [...]

Leasing vs. Owning Commercial Space

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Many people think of McDonald’s as merely a fast-food chain, but the company actually owns some of the best real estate in the country. McDonald’s realized early on that the biggest money wasn’t in selling hamburgers; it was in buying up choice properties. The company then built a restaurant on each site and leased it [...]

Hiring? Don't Rule Out Unemployed Applicants


The job market has been tough for the past few years. Budget cutbacks, outsourcing, and shutdowns have left millions of Americans unable to find full-time work. Many of the unemployed are reliable, skilled professionals who have simply fallen prey to a weak economy. Yet, as The New York Times reports, some employers tend to stereotype: [...]