3 Reasons to Log Your Vehicle Mileage

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the benefits of logging business miles for tax deductions
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Are You Getting the Most from Your Accountant?


Find insider tips on working with an accountant to make sure the money you spend works to your advantage. Learn about working with an accountant.

Ready to Rebrand? Entrepreneurs Share Lessons Learned


When your small business outgrows your original vision or your target market shifts, rebranding may be in order. But updating your image and messaging can be risky. So, how do you alter your approach without damaging your reputation or losing customers? Intuit Small Business Blog asked a few entrepreneurs who’ve successfully rebranded for tips on how [...]

4 Solutions for Common Small-Business Money Mistakes

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Get four common financial mistakes that small businesses make and get expert advice for correcting them. Read about common small business mistakes.

4 Hints That Your Target Market Is Moving (And How to Follow It)


You identified your target audience when you drafted your business plan, but perhaps since then the market has shifted in ways you didn’t anticipate. In fact, the customers you originally sought may differ greatly from those you attract today. How do you know? Here are four clues your target audience has changed, along with some [...]

BloomNation Aims to Change the Floral Industry by Empowering Small Businesses

Cut flowers account for an estimated $7 billion to $8 billion in annual sales by florists nationwide. Despite the wealth of opportunity that figure seemingly represents for budding businesses, entrepreneurs have to compete with behemoth online retailers like FTD, Teleflora, and 1-800-Flowers. Although these big companies often rely on small florists to fulfill customer orders, [...]

4 Impactful Places to Post Your Video

Digital videos can be an inexpensive way to transform your brand, reach a broader audience, and promote your products or services. But where, exactly, should you make your content available to reap those benefits? Naturally, the potential impact of any marketing effort hinges largely upon on knowing your audience. But a few places are generally [...]

How to Spot Job Candidates Who Can Grow Your Business

Costs associated with employees are among the biggest expenses you may bear as a small-business owner — and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a return on your investment from them. So, when hiring, how do you figure out which candidates will be able to grow your operation? Here’s a short list of questions to ask yourself about [...]