Holacracy 101: Could This Nontraditional Business Structure Work for You?


As most entrepreneurs will attest, job titles don’t define or limit the roles you or your employees must perform to meet the daily demands of running a business. Because flexibility and collaboration are instrumental to small-business success, why not scrap your traditional organizational structure? Trading hierarchy for “holacracy” could boost productivity. Holacracy is a self-governing, [...]

How to Improve Your Customer-Service Game in 2014


For all the time you spend developing and pricing your products or services, managing costs, and marketing your brand, how you treat customers can be the tipping point in driving your small business’s growth and profit. Here are five simple ways to improve your customer-service game in 2014. 1. Invest in listening posts. “Often, small [...]

How to Control Payroll Costs

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Get strategies for controlling your payroll costs without shortchanging your staff, limiting your growth potential, or jeopardizing customer service.

4 Common Legal Mistakes Small Businesses Make


Think your business is too small to justify paying for professional legal help? Think again. Failing to dot your i’s and cross your t’s in important matters can expose you to significant risk, and the most cost-effective time to consult an attorney is often before your business is booming. The Intuit Small Business Blog asked [...]

Preparing Year-End Finances for Seamless Tax Filing

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When tax season is around the corner, getting your finances in order can help you avoid problems at tax time. Here are tips for business tax filing.

New Year’s Resolutions That Really Worked for Small Businesses

What are your plans for growing your business in the new year? When we posed this question in the past, you told us that you wanted to do things like expand your market reach, focus on getting more repeat customers, or introduce new products and services. Those are all excellent goals. So, while you’re thinking [...]

Why You Should Step Away From Your Keyboard and Pick Up the Phone

A recent survey by Constant Contact shows that by far the two most popular small-business uses of mobile phones are social media and email marketing. Perhaps that’s because using digital tools for marketing purposes is an effective way to reach more prospects and deepen relationships with existing customers. But entrepreneurs should also use their mobile phones [...]

Entrepreneurs Share Clever Holiday Gift-Giving Tips


Looking for holiday gift ideas beyond generic fruit baskets or cookie tins, which your customers may appreciate but may not remember (or possibly even realize) you gave them? The Intuit Small Business Blog recently asked a few entrepreneurs to share their top tips for affordable, branded holiday gifts. Original Cards — To make its holiday [...]