How to Use Pinterest for Your Small Business


Pinterest, which markets itself as an "online pinboard," is the latest tool to consume social-media users. The website’s membership skyrocketed from about 50,000 to more than 7 million unique users in the U.S. between December 2010 and December 2011, site analytics data from show. Nearly 6 out of 10 users are women aged 25 [...]

2012 Tax Law Changes You Need to Know

Posted in TAXES

Whether you file your own federal taxes or outsource the task to a pro, you’ll want to be aware of some important changes to U.S. tax laws in 2012. Here are a few items (in order of relative importance for small-business owners) that may affect your small business — and how much you'll owe Uncle [...]

Small-Business Owners: What I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

If you'd only known then what you know now, you would have done a few things differently, right? As the saying goes, "hindsight is 20/20" — and perhaps your small business would have gotten off to better start if you’d had broader perspective. To help budding entrepreneurs draw from the wisdom of experience, the Intuit [...]

4 Things to Know Before Hosting a Holiday Party


You’re hosting an office holiday party to celebrate the company’s recent success and enter 2012 on a high note. Like any business event, you’ll want to plan carefully to ensure it’s a hit (and not a fiasco). Here are four tips for keeping the festivities professional, responsible, and enjoyable for everyone. Serve alcohol with caution. [...]

4 Tips for Making an Impact with Your Business's Sign


Can’t afford TV advertising to drive sales? Don’t fret: A recent survey of 100,000 American households shows that store signs rank second, beating other media, in determining where shoppers will buy. Here are four tips for making an impact with your business sign. Make it visible. The shopper study, conducted by the University of Cincinnati [...]

4 Reasons to Call Instead of Email


Email provides an excellent means of multitasking and exchanging information quickly, but it isn’t always the most effective way to conduct business. Here are four reasons to pick up the phone instead of sending email. You’ll build key relationships. Remember the old “80-20 rule,” which says the bulk of your business comes from a relatively [...]

Jonathan Fields on Succeeding in Uncertain Times

Many entrepreneurs strike out on their own early in life, but Jonathan Fields isn’t one of them. Fields began his career as a tough-as-nails hedge fund lawyer at a Manhattan mega-firm. Despite his professional success, he felt unfulfilled. So, he traded his corporate garb and comfortable salary to blaze a new trail. Reeling from the [...]

How to Set Up and Use a Google+ Page for Business

Google+, which debuted this summer as a web-sharing tool and social network for personal use, is now available to businesses, too. Creating a Google+ page is a relatively easy endeavor that could create social-media marketing opportunities for your small enterprise. Here’s how to get started — and what’s in it for you. For starters, you’ll [...]