Gmail’s New Look: What You Can Expect


Do you use Gmail? Your email account is about to get a makeover. Google is transitioning all user accounts a “cleaner, more modern” interface design in the coming weeks.  If you’re chomping at the bit to convert now, simply log in and click on the “Switch to the new look” link that appears at the [...]

How to Lead Your Employees the Right Way

When employees or vendors drop the ball on business matters, your instinct may be to place blame on those responsible for your resulting stress and frustration. But shifting your leadership ideology to one that accepts the blame and gives credit to others may be the most important move you can make in growing your company [...]

How to Give Your Small Business Heart

Small businesses can’t always offer the pay or the perks of a larger competitor, but working for a business that stands for something greater than turning a profit resonates with many employees these days. Companies that support charitable causes also strengthen their ties to the community — and customers tend to like the idea, too. [...]

Read-Worthy: 'Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur and Inventor'

“The life of an entrepreneur is much like a treadmill. If you stop, you will fall and get run over,” writes William J. Tobin in his recent memoir and tutorial, Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur and Inventor. In the book, Tobin shares the wisdom he’s acquired since his entrepreneurial journey — which includes creating ten [...]

3 Tips for Protecting Your Brand after a Daily Deal


Once you’ve released a “daily deal” through a site like Groupon or Living Social, your focus needs to shift immediately from marketing to managing the surge in website traffic and stepping up online customer service. A Cornell University study shows that Yelp reviewers who mentioned “Groupons” and “coupons” gave the sponsoring companies “strikingly lower rating [...]

Should You Offer Employee Incentives?

Motivating employees with incentives is a powerful way to ensure that customer service is exceptional, operations are seamless, and turnover (and the costs associated with it) remains low. Employee incentives take many forms — cash bonuses, gifts, rewards programs, time off — and can be a catalyst in lifting employee performance from good to great. [...]

How to Engage Employees in Meetings


The National Statistics Council estimates that employees spend nearly 37 percent of their workdays in meetings — and that 47 percent of this time is “unproductive.” Whether your confabs take place as organized gatherings in a conference room or informal huddles in a manager’s office, all employees must be present, participatory, and interested in what’s [...]

Facebook f8 Redux: How Facebook's Upgrades Will Impact Small Businesses

Facebook’s f8 developer conference has come and gone, revealing major evolutions of Facebook and what will soon be the"new norms" in social media. The event was kicked off by SNL’s Andy Samberg, who posed as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, revealing two new Facebook features:  a section for "friends who really aren’t your friends" and the [...]