Susan Johnston

Susan Johnston is a business writer for Intuit and is passionate about solving small business problems.

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    10 Crafty Business Blogs Show How to Bolster a Brand

    by on April 10, 2012

    Websites like Etsy and Pinterest have been a boon to small businesses that sell handmade goods, and many craftspeople are bolstering their online presence by setting up their own blogs. Their posts give customers and fans insight into their creative processes,…

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    How Pinterest Drives One Jewelry Designer's Sales

    by on March 21, 2012

    In just a few months, Pinterest has gone from relative obscurity to surpassing Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube in referral traffic. Pinterest is still used mostly by consumers (particularly women in the Midwest and central U.S.), but some small-business owners …

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    'Cash Mobs' Boost Local Businesses

    by on March 20, 2012

    To combat the onslaught of daily deals and big-box stores that are squeezing local merchants, consumers nationwide are banding together in groups known as “cash mobs.” A cash mob is similar to a flash mob, but instead of descending upon a public place to …

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    5 Ways to Save on Postage

    by on January 20, 2012

    Small business-owners who still rely on snail mail for marketing will feel the pinch once again Jan. 22 when the U.S. Postal Service’s new pricing takes effect.

    Anticipating the rate hike, the Intuit Small Business Blog asked Melissa Bradshaw, chief operati…

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    5 Tips for Managing Seasonal Employees

    by on December 9, 2011

    Seasonal employees can help keep your small business humming along during some of the busiest days of the year. But seasonal and full-time staffers don’t always integrate seamlessly. According to Deb Spicer, author of Power Teams: The New Square Root Model …

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    F.A.C.E.: 4 Tips for Remembering Customers' Names

    by on December 5, 2011

    Remembering customers’ names may feel like a daunting task, but it can have a big impact on retention. Benjamin Levy, author of Remember Every Name Every Time, points to a dry cleaner in Westport, Conn., that is legendary for remembering people’s names fro…

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    Mark Johnson on Building Customer Loyalty

    by on November 18, 2011

    Small businesses have what seems like a million potential strategies for building customer loyalty — Facebook, Twitter, online deals, and smartphone apps, to name a few — but many wonder why their approaches aren’t working. Mark Johnson (pictured), preside…

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    Entrepreneur Jim Kukral on Crowdsourcing His Book Advance

    by on October 24, 2011

    Marketing consultant Jim Kukral (pictured) had already published a book the traditional way when he decided to try self-publishing. “Being a marketer and an entrepreneur, I can’t wait nine months to have a new piece of content come out,” he says. But ins…

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