Entrepreneur on a "Roll" With Party Trailers for Kids


Elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur Michael Falgares got his first taste of the entertainment industry when he started DJing at age 14. By college, he’d saved up enough money to buy a preschool, which he later sold to finance his next venture: a mobile entertainment theater called Gamin’ Ride. In May, Falgares launched Glamour Ride, [...]

6 Cool Cases for Your iPhone


Whether you’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone or you’re a long-time user, it's smart to protect your shiny tech toy with a case. After all, there's nothing like a cracked screen or a broken iPhone to ruin your day. And take it from someone who lives in a two-iPhone household: A distinctive case helps prevent [...]

"Collaborative Consumption" on the Rise

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Last fall, when Boston-based photographer Dan Watkins learned that the studio he’d hoped to use for a photo shoot in three days was unavailable, he initially panicked. Then, after a quick online search, he discovered, a website that connects photographers like Watkins with studio owners willing to rent out their space. Within a few [...]

College Grads: Don't Get a Job, Start a Business!

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This year’s graduating college class has the highest student-loan burden ever. Eager graduates will enter a world where inflation is at a two and a half year high and in many industries there are around five candidates for every job opening. What’s a newly minted college grad to do? Start a business, suggests Susan T. [...]

4 Tips for Improving Your Home Office Environment

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For many home-based businesses, the office might be a corner of the bedroom, a stool at the kitchen counter, or a spot on the couch.  Workplace strategy? Efficiency? Ha! You’re just happy not to be shelling out four bucks a gallon for gas. But according to Bryant Rice, a Director in DEGW’s San Francisco office, [...]

4 Tips for Dorm-Based Businesses


These days, with the barriers to entering the business world lower than ever, countless companies are getting their start not in a boardroom but in the dorm rooms of their business-minded founders. Getting started in college doesn't mean you're going to be a success, mind you: As with traditional businesses, most dorm-based businesses fail, says [...]

5 Big Marketing Disasters — And What You Can Learn From Them


Social media has accelerated the speed at which businesses communicate with customers. But a faster pace also means it’s easier to rush and say something you’ll later regret. And it’s not just small businesses that fall into this trap, nor is it confined to social media. Even major brands like Gap and Groupon have fumbled, [...]

5 Tips for Interacting With Customers on Yelp


Like it or not, there’s a good chance that your customers either found your business through or plan to say something about it there in the future. That’s a scary reality for many business owners, but it also offers an opportunity to engage with customers and improve sales down the road. James Sinclair, principal [...]