How to Keep Your Business Safe on Public Wi-Fi


If you travel for your business — or just need an occasional change of scenery from your home office — you're probably a regular user of public Wi-Fi networks. But if you’re not careful, these internet connections can make your data vulnerable to hackers. Here’s how to protect yourself while using someone else’s network: Beware [...]

When Is the Best Time to Buy Stuff for Your Business?

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It can be tempting to buy everything you think you might need for your small business right before the end of the year. That way, you can deduct as many of the expenses as possible from your taxes come April. However, depending on what types of business-related goods you need, it may pay to wait. [...]

How Business Etiquette Can Give You a Competitive Edge


You’re an expert in your field. You offer excellent value and prices. You wage highly effective marketing campaigns. But do you make time to practice basic business etiquette? You should, because it can be a small-business owner’s secret weapon, says etiquette expert Jodi R.R. Smith. “People do business with people they like,” notes Smith, an [...]

4 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Small Business


Did you read that headline right? Can meditation actually be a savvy business practice? Absolutely, says psychotherapist and meditation teacher Stephan Bodian, author of Meditation for Dummies. Better yet, you can benefit from meditating for just 20 minutes a day, or less time than you probably spend on Facebook. Meditation isn’t just for yoga-loving, spiritual [...]

6 Ways Teens Can Help You with Social Media Marketing


You’ve probably joked that to get your smartphone/printer/Facebook page to work right, you need a teenager’s help. But seriously, hiring one might be a smart business move. Teenagers, having essentially grown up with social media, are incredibly tech-savvy, and they love showing adults how much they know. So, if you have a teen in your [...]

8 Rules of Etiquette for Working in Coffee Shops

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Your favorite coffeehouse isn’t really your “second office.” It’s someone else’s actual business. Whether you’re using your favorite java joint as your makeshift office space — or just spending a few hours there to write a report — it’s important to adhere to these eight basic rules of etiquette. Feed the kitty. As in, buy [...]

Using 'Getting Things Done' to Make Your Business More Efficient

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Looking to give your small business — and yourself — a productivity makeover? You may want to consider using David Allen’s Getting Things Done, a popular time- and task-management system. Allen’s streamlined process requires a bit of reading to put into practice, so pick up his classic book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free [...]

Brewing Up a Niche Coffee-Roasting Business in the Shadow of Starbucks


Although startups may be reluctant to enter an space dominated by mega-sized competitors like Starbucks, this niche coffee shop has been successful.