7 Steps to Changing Your Business Name


Sometimes a business name just doesn’t work out: You thought the clever moniker you chose would truly represent your brand, but customers didn’t make the connection. Or maybe you used your own name in the company’s title, and you now want to change it to reflect a larger, more corporate brand. Whatever your reason, changing [...]

How to Work With International Customers and Suppliers

Posted in TRENDS

Is your company going international? Taking your usual American approach to professional interactions with foreign customers and suppliers may alienate important clients. Before you attempt to work with someone outside the United States, consider the potential differences in how you do business (and view the world). Here’s a bit of advice for forging international partnerships: [...]

What Is Market Segmentation and How Can It Increase Sales?


Who are you targeting with your advertising campaigns? If you’re producing general promotions and placing them in front of a general population, known as mass marketing, the ROI generated from your advertising dollars is likely falling short of its potential. Here’s how to use market segmentation to drive more sales. What Is Market Segmentation? Switching [...]

Don’t Allow a Key Employee’s Departure to Impact Your Business


Let’s face it, some employees are more valuable than others. When a key person quits, how do you assure a smooth transition? Here are a few pointers. 1. Conduct an exit interview. Start the exit interview by making it known that there are no hard feelings and, as much as you hate to see the [...]

How to Hire the Right Mobile App Developer


Having a high-quality website is important, but it’s no longer sufficient for building a viable online presence. In order to attract the nation’s growing number of smartphone users, your small business needs a mobile app, too. Your software can be as simple as a mobile version of your site packaged as an app or as [...]

8 Small-Business Legal Matters That Don’t Require an Attorney

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Attorneys are expensive, especially for startups and early stage businesses. Some situations, such as defending a lawsuit or negotiating complex contracts, call for an attorney — and the costs of hiring one pale in comparison to the potential losses you may otherwise incur. Other matters, however, are straightforward enough that you can probably handle them on [...]

Focus on Content Marketing Instead of SEO


A steady transformation is taking place in online marketing. The strategies for getting your website seen by existing and prospective customers are changing. Instead of focusing exclusively on SEO, or search engine optimization, many companies are shifting their attention to content marketing. Up until recently, SEO experts could get pages to rank high in search [...]

How to Use a Contest to Commission Freelance Work


Does your company need a logo? Perhaps a website redesign or a promotional piece? As a small-business owner, you probably do not need to forge a relationship with a high-end design or marketing firm. Yet finding a freelancer who will deliver high-quality work is difficult, even with all of the websites that allow you to [...]