Retailer Closes Her Store to Go Mobile Instead


Renting a retail storefront requires a lot of overhead, which can cause small-business owners to struggle to stay afloat, particularly in a sluggish economy. Debbie Dejesus found a solution: Close up shop and go mobile instead. In May, Dejesus closed La Te Da, her 12-year-old women’s clothing store in Grass Valley, Calif., and turned it [...]

4 Ways to Get a Home Loan If You're Self-Employed

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It can be tough for anyone to get a loan to buy a new home or refinance their current one, and it’s even tougher for self-employed business owners. Banks now require more financial documentation from all prospective borrowers, but they generally give more scrutiny to the paperwork of entrepreneurs because of the variability in income [...]

CouchSurfing CEO Daniel Hoffer on Becoming a B Corporation

Posted in GOING GREEN is a Silicon Valley enterprise that values the term “good” more than “growth.” For seven years, the nonprofit organization turned away venture-capital investment offers, preferring to remain independent and focused on its community of users. After its 2011 application for 501(c)(3) status was denied, however, CouchSurfing made the decision to go corporate. In August, [...]

No Glitter or Highlights Needed for This Buzzed-About Beauty Website


House of Mikko, which lets women recommend beauty products to one another, gets the kind of buzz and user interaction on its website that most businesses dream about: With a simple landing page and low-budget marketing campaign, the company grew its community of users from 100 beta testers to nearly 10,000 members within a few [...]

Prevent Layoffs by Starting a Work-Sharing Program


You need to reduce your staffing costs. The typical way to do so is by laying off employees. However, before you let anyone go, consider another option: work sharing. Here’s work sharing (not the same as job sharing, by the way) works: Employees work up to 60 percent fewer hours per week and usually take [...]

Creating a Budget Forecast for 2012

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A hiker trekking through the wilderness wouldn't start his trip without a map and compass. After all, those small tools are a big help in getting to the end of the trail. Yet too often, small-business owners set up shop without a financial road map. One of the easiest ways to get where you want [...]

5 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth More Exciting


Fall has arrived, which means conference and trade show season is hitting full swing. Perhaps your company is one of the many small businesses that will set up a booth in an exhibit hall — and you’re wondering how to get attendees to stop at yours to see what you're all about. A simple touch [...]

Psych! Understand the Human Mind to Turn Web Traffic into Sales


Derek Halpern (@derekhalpern on Twitter) started blogging and creating websites in college so he could make a living without having to work a "real job" while earning his psychology degree. The experience proved even more valuable: By writing and designing websites, he learned what people wanted to buy and read online, and he turned his [...]