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    What Do Technology and Chocolate Have in Common?

    by on November 6, 2012

    For Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring, starting a chocolate-making business hasn’t differed too much from launching a technology startup.

    The Stanford University friends co-founded Plaxo, an online address book, almost a decade ago and sold it to Comcast for ov…

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  • debbie-dejesus1-300x233.jpg

    Retailer Closes Her Store to Go Mobile Instead

    by on October 31, 2012

    Renting a retail storefront requires a lot of overhead, which can cause small-business owners to struggle to stay afloat, particularly in a sluggish economy. Debbie Dejesus found a solution: Close up shop and go mobile instead.

    In May, Dejesus closed La Te Da…

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  • surfin-seafood-300x254.jpg

    Seattle Moms Succeed in Seafood by Keeping It Simple

    by on October 24, 2012

    When Tina Montgomery’s husband began working for a seafood distribution company, T.H. Seafood, the family was suddenly awash in high-quality, fresh fish, a bounty they shared freely with their friends.

    One day in 2004, Montgomery was chatting with one of t…

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  • Hirease-HQ-300x224.jpg

    Finding Big-City Success in a Small Town

    by on October 18, 2012

    Something about the town of Southern Pines, N.C., inspires small-business owners to find niche markets there and distinctive ways to serve them. Hirease, an employment screening company, is an excellent example.

    Hirease founders Heidi and Paul Dent used to l…

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  • Nick-Sarillons-300x373.jpg

    Pizzeria Owner Turned Book Author Dishes on His Success

    by on October 2, 2012

    Nick’s Pizza & Pub is more than just a restaurant for owner Nick Sarillo (pictured), who started the small business in Crystal Lake, Ill., in 1995 and opened a second location in Elgin a decade later. Beyond making delicious pizzas, his goal has been to …

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  • efuneral-300x274.jpg's Mike Belsito Breathes Life into the Business of Death

    by on September 27, 2012

    Sadly, tragedy was the mother of invention for Mike Belsito. After helping plan his cousin’s funeral, he came up with, a website that allows grieving families to comparison shop for funeral services. With co-founder Bryan Chaikin, Belsito recent…

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    Indiana Small-Business Owner Wins $5,000 Grant from Intuit

    by on September 24, 2012

    ClearStar Windshield Repair of Carmel, Ind., is the latest winner of a $5,000 grant in Intuit’s Love a Local Business Campaign.

    “This is so cool!” says owner Paul Lawrence, who decided to begin working for himself nearly four years ago. “I had gotten …

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  • Cards-fans-watch-post-season-games-at-Foleys-300x210.jpg

    How Foley's NY Pub & Restaurant Attracts Sports Fans of All Stripes

    by on September 24, 2012

    If you walk into a New York City bar during baseball season, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Yankees or Mets fans watching a game. But what about a large group cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals? Or, heaven forbid, a bunch of folks decked out in Boston R…

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