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  • tiny but mighty

    How One “Tiny But Mighty” Business Made It Big

    by on October 30, 2014

    When “Farmer Gene” Mealhow became a soils consultant after the farm crisis of the1980s hit his family farm hard, one of his first clients was Richard Kelty, whose family had been growing an unusual, heirloom popping corn for over 100 years. In 1999, Mealhow (p…

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  • farmbox direct

    Produce Delivery Business Grows From a Mother’s Love

    by on October 23, 2014

    At age 27, Ashley Tyrner was pregnant and living back at home with her mother after her marriage had fallen apart. “I ended up on government welfare and government insurance,” Tyrner says of this low point in her life.

    The future entrepreneur didn’t l…

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  • Glenda Barnhart and Clay Wagers

    Bike Shop Finds Opportunities in Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

    by on October 16, 2014

    Most entrepreneurs want to see their small businesses grow, but expanding too quickly or in the wrong direction can be the death knell of an otherwise promising business. Glenda Barnhart and Clay Wagers (pictured), owners of Bay Area Bikes in Oakland, Californ…

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  • rani croager

    Cooperative Business Accelerator Builds a Sharing Economy

    by on September 9, 2014

    Uptima Business Bootcamp is a business accelerator with an unusual business structure: It’s a cooperative. Entrepreneurs who go through the training become members of the co-op and have a say in how the training program is run. They will also share in each oth…

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  • 4 vines wineryfour vines, cypher, business, growth, wine, winery, risk, budget, zinbitch, anarchy, heretic, naked chardonnay

    Rebel Winemaker Sam Mahler on Shaking Up a Sleepy Industry

    by on September 5, 2014

    When fellow motorcycle enthusiasts Christian Tietje and Susan “Sam” Mahler started their Paso Robles, Calif. winery in their bike/surf shed in 1996, they had big dreams. Tietje, a chef, and Mahler, a scientist, pilot, and avid skier, eschewed traditional wine …

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  • sharon moxie jean

    Founder of Online Kids’ Shop on How to Succeed in Resale

    by on August 22, 2014

    Sharon Schneider started the online children’s’ consignment shop Moxie Jean to create an alternative to the too-often dingy, time-consuming process of finding quality used togs for little ones.

    To win the busy, well-heeled customers underserved by the c…

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  • beth norah and john

    Couple’s Passion for Colorado Inspires Apparel Company

    by on August 20, 2014

    Lots of people love their hometowns — or the cities or states they’ve adopted as their own. But not everyone channels that passion into a business the way Beth and John Kelly (pictured), founders of Big Colorado Love, an apparel and accessories company in T…

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  • The City News

    How One Family Newsstand Stays Afloat Despite Industry Decline

    by on August 19, 2014

    Read all about it: America’s newsstands may be down for the count, but don’t count out Jim and Carol Sturges, owners of The City News in Wooster, Ohio.

    According to the Alliance for Audited Media, single-copy sales of 386 U.S. magazine titles fell 11 pe…

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