10 Helpful Blogs About Health Care Benefits

by QuickBooks

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As a small-business owner, you have a lot on your plate, from marketing your services to managing your cash flow. Add employee health care benefits to the mix, and you may feel as if your plate is overflowing. The Intuit Small Business Blog rounded up 10 helpful blogs about health care benefits to support you in becoming more informed about your options.

  1. Health Affairs Blog. Hosted by the prominent policy journal Health Affairs, this multi-author blog features posts from experts such as economist Gail Wilensky and California HealthCare Foundation President and CEO Mark Smith. With more than 50 categories, including employer-sponsored insurance and health care costs, the blog is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary resource covering a wide range of health care topics.
  2. Health Business Blog. Harvard MBA David Williams offers a blog that highlights business issues in health care. As strategy consultant in technology-enabled health care services, medical devices, biotech, and pharmaceuticals, Williams shares his knowledge and expertise on this thought-provoking blog.
  3. Employee Benefit Views. A product of industry magazines Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser, the EBV blog is written for human resources and benefits decision makers. Editor-in-Chief Kelley Butler compiles news, opinion stories, and webcasts consisting of top headlines in the employee benefits arena.
  4. The White House Blog: Health Care. The official health care blog of the White House. Learn about the latest news and developments on regulations, legislation, and health care reform straight from the Oval Office.
  5. John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog. Touted as the “Father of Health Savings Accounts,” John Goodman, who is founder and president of the nonpartisan research group National Center for Policy Analysis, shares his insights on health care news and examines the health care problems we face today. Goodman has published nine books and 50 studies and appears regularly on media outlets, such as CNN, CNBC, and FOX News. He also frequently testifies before Congress on retirement and health care reform topics.
  6. Kaiser Health News Blog. The nonprofit organization Kaiser Health News runs this blog, which features the latest health care headlines. From health care reform to health care costs, KHN covers market trends related to health care delivery in the U.S.
  7. Prescriptions. A New York Times blog about the business of health care, which includes topics such as health care industry news, reform, and insurance coverage.
  8. HealthCare Blog. Managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this health care blog provides information for employers, families, insurance providers, and more.
  9. The Health Care Blog. Founded in 2003 and still going strong, THCB covers topics such as “The Insiders Guide to Health Care,” technology, and health plans.
  10. The Benefit Blog. Run by Eric Kaufman, vice president at Lockton Insurance Brokers in California, this blog provides news about corporate employee benefits and retirement plans. Kaufman’s blog earned a Top 10 Compensation and Benefits spot from the industry newsletter HR Daily Advisor.

Did we miss your favorite blog about health care benefits? Share it with us in the Comments section below.

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