5 Mobile Apps for Better Work-Life Balance

by Kathryn Hawkins

2 min read

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to “clock out” to spend time with family, get some exercise, or pursue outside interests. Nearly two-thirds of respondents to a Manta.com survey work more than 40 hours each week, and one out of 10 puts in 70 hours or more.

If you’ve resolved to make your personal life a bigger priority, use these apps to help you find the right balance.

  1. CrunchTime (iOS; $19.99) — This app gives you the tools to set ideal time ratios for every aspect of your life (i.e., exercise, work, TV, family time, sleep) and then measure how close you come to hitting the mark in each department. A pie chart provides a striking visual to help you see how you’re currently spending your time. When you meet your goals, the app rewards you with achievement badges, which you can display on your social media profiles. As mobile apps go, it’s on the pricey side — but how much do you value your free time?
  2. Pocket Yoga (iOS; $2.99) — Taking a yoga class can help you feel more balanced, but what if you don’t have the time to make it to a lesson? Pocket Yoga, a mobile app that offers quick tips on yoga moves you can do in your office, is the next best thing to a session with a real-life yogi.
  3. TaskRabbit (iOS; free) — You’re probably chewing up a lot of time with chores such as shopping for groceries, going to the post office, and entering data. Get your life back by outsourcing these tasks to willing “Task Rabbits,” who’ll offer quotes to complete your projects. In addition to using the mobile app, you can access the program from your desktop computer.
  4. Stress Tracker (iOS, Android; free) — With the Stress Tracker app, you can record your stress levels throughout the day, adding information such as the source of stress, symptoms of stress, and overall mood. Once you’ve recorded your stress levels over several days, you can use the app’s “insights” tools to identify your biggest triggers. By identifying the sources of stress in your daily life, you can take the steps to eliminate those situations and create a greater sense of well-being.
  5. Cozi Family Organizer (iOS; free; pictured) — Does your partner get flustered that you frequently miss family events? Use this family calendar/organizer to stay on top of important milestones. All family members can set up calendar events, to-do lists, and grocery lists, so that you’ll be able to tell if your daughter has a soccer game coming up or if you need to take your dog to the vet. There’s even a family message board so that you can easily communicate about all of your upcoming events, post a photo, or send an “I love you” message.

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