Be the Best Boss Your Employees Ever Had

by QuickBooks

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What makes a great boss?

I’ve had a dozen bosses so far in my career, and luckily almost all of them have been great!  From each, I’ve learned something to emulate: my first boss created a job opportunity for me as a recent college grad, another took a sincere interest in my career development, and a third helped me learn from his mistakes as well as his successes. Every step of my career has offered valuable insight into the secrets of management.

In his new guide “Be the Best Boss Your Employees Ever Had,” Ken Darrow offers a few simple tips that can turn a “good boss” into a “great boss.”  My favorite tip? “Use your employees’ brains even for routine jobs.” This means rewarding employees who keep their minds “turned on” during routine tasks to find ways to improve the status quo. Little gifts like chocolate or movie tickets can go a long way in showing how much you value their input.  For more tips, download the complete guide.

And while we’re at it…. Haven’t hired yet? Another good book — Rhonda Abrams’ free Hire Your First Employee — can be a huge help!

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