Becoming an Employer: The Intuit Payroll Video Series

by QuickBooks

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Are you getting tired of doing everything yourself?  If you’re starting to think about hiring an employee to help you with your small business, check out this video series, sponsored by Intuit Online Payroll.

In this extensive series, Rhonda Abrams, a small business expert who has spent 15 years consulting with small businesses, details key things you need to know in order to hire that first member of the staff. Here’s a rundown of the entire series from start to finish.

Deciding to Hire

Making the Mental Leap

Seven Sure-Fire Signs It’s Time to Hire

Debunking Hiring Myths

Who Should You Hire First?

Being a Great Boss

Boss” is Not a Dirty Word

Ten Hiring Do’s and Don’ts

The Hiring Process

Should You Hire a Contractor or an Employee?

Writing a Job Description

Interviews that Click

Help Your Business Thrive

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